Monday, November 22, 2021

Chaim Walder: I am innocent, my defense of victims made me many enemies

Author Chaim Walder has published a response to recent defamatory attacks made on him in the media, first printed in the Haaretz newspaper and since published elsewhere, along with calls to boycott his dozens of books written over a decades-long career.

“I appeal to everyone who has been exposed to the serious allegations made against me and I cry the cry of Dreyfus who was degraded in the public square, stripped of his insignia, his sword broken before a huge crowd – I am innocent of all wrongdoing. I beg of you to do just one thing: Invest a small amount of time, a drop of logic, and question whether these terrible defamatory statements have any basis to them. Do not be hasty to pass judgment on someone who has worked all his life on behalf of children and their rights,” Walder said in his statement.

Walder stressed that he categorically denies the allegations made against him, accusing him of exploiting minors. “This is a tissue of lies for which there can be no forgiveness,” he said, “and the entire purpose of these claims is to make the bizarre claim that I acted in entire contradiction to everything that I have worked for – protecting children.”

He added that, “There is also the evidence of the journalist Ariella Sternbach that people came to her ready to invest huge sums in order to damage my reputation in any way possible. I state here and now that I have never been summoned to a beit din [rabbinical court] on such matters or anything related to women. The document that was published does not bear my name and only attests to the calculated and well-funded campaign being waged against me.”

Responding to statements by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Tzfat, that people should remove his books from their homes, Walder said, “I was stunned to hear what Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said, given that he did not take that very simple step of turning to me personally to hear my account. He should have known that he was being misled. When he spoke with me, I asked him how he could have ruled on this issue without hearing my side, and he responded that this was the reason why he had called for my books to be put into storage rather than entirely removed.

“How can I address such claims when I have not been given any specific details and have no idea where the claims are coming from and what might be the specific motivations of the accusers?” he continued. “People have to understand that the kind of holy work I was engaged in – helping children – brought me many enemies in the form of the people who sexually or violently abused them, whom I exposed – thereby stopping the abuse. The more I achieved on behalf of children, the more enemies I gained.”

Walder stated that he was not familiar with any of the people making accusations against him, other than one single case. “I cannot identify a single one of all the people who have made defamatory statements against me, other than one woman who made a complaint against me in 2008 that was shown to be a false claim and the case was closed without me even having to engage a lawyer on my behalf,” he said.

“Various experts have advised me to remain silent until the storm passes,” he added. “I don’t know if they are right or not, even though they are the experts. But everyone knows that it’s impossible for a lone individual to cope with a flood of defamation against him like this one.

“I have written this clarification at the request and with the support of Rabbi Chaim Shaulzon,” he continued, “and I believe that it will soon become clear who is behind this unprecedented campaign of defamation – and then I will refute the claims, one by one. Do not forget that I passed a polygraph test and emerged as one telling the truth, showing the allegations printed in the Haaretz newspaper to be unfounded,” he concluded.

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Anonymous said...

So the Nonce tries to wriggle hos way out. He even has a pet 'Rabbi' to back him up.

For one individual to make this up, let alone go through the stress and shame of going to the authorities is unlikely. Multiple victims coming forward? Not a chance. He's a filthy pervert. But no doubt the Haredi community will ignore his transgressions. Just like they always do.

Circle said...

The only thing we know for certain is that one rabbi broke halacha. This Eliyahu character paskened without hearing anything from the other side.
Voos iz zicher iz zicher.

Anonymous said...

how would you know he did not hear from the other side???

Heimish said...

He might be innocent until proven guilty, but if he's capable of raping, he's capable of lying too. We need independent voices.

Reminds me of the great Norm Mcdonald joke: "Despite what everyone is saying, the worst thing about Bill Cosby wasn't the hypocrisy. It was, you know, the rape..."

Tom Lowinger said...

Has there been a criminal complaint to the authorities against him ?

Mendel said...

If and only if he did pasken he wouldn’t be the first, though normally Rabbonim/Dayonim stand for the financially better off irrelevant the Halocho

Anonymous said...

Could be though. Everyone hates Nuchem Rosenberg and has tried to accuse him of being a pervert because he's done much good for child abuse...

Josh said...

It does seem strange that we have the Frum world acting so quickly in this matter but I have yet to see any actions from the authorities...Nobody is saying to sweep anything under the carpet but to jump to the other extreme isn't much better...
Now obviously it's possible that Rabonim did somehow become aware of things that would be tantamount to evidence etc, but why would we not be hearing of the authorities investigating and his legal troubles he's in if that was the case, if he really did do the alleged crimes they should be going straight to the police and if they aren't, then we should stick to the foundations that democracy stands on, and that is innocent untill proven guilty...And the idea that ppl keep saying of "what is the liklyhood that multiple people would come out against him, and the embarrassment that they have to go through etc..." Is just a total and complete worthless argument in my opinion..there can be many reasons why, whether they may be incentivized to have done it, or brainwashed etc, especially if like Walter claims he has ppl that are out to get him and that have tried in the past, so the above argument alone doesn't stand for itself.
And what DIN has said b4 in regards to the nature of these crimes being done in private is why it's such a difficult issue, to have evidence isn't always easy and sometimes jury's do convict based solely on testimony for such crimes, but only after thorough cross examination and the relavent due process...Something doesn't seem right over here

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but Ma'aseh Satan! All the Bein Adam L'Chaveiro Lessons we gleaned from Mr. Walder over the last 30 years, he reached Yidden worldwide with Emes through channels of his linguilistic gifts... He ideas were endorsed by Rabonim, He accomplished what nobody else in our generation has - bein adam l'chaveiro wise... Everything and I mean Everything is going to be (in one flick of a button) DELETED! Because of this latest scandal... This is so unfair... but then again, the Satan is only trying to do his job! Kllal Yisroel transformed in huge ways, took great strides in our behaviors to one another... Our world did become a much better place... we are closer than ever to Moshiachs arrival, The Satan is using his last bit of reserves to prevent and destroy all this, by targeting Mr. Walder... WAKE UP YIDDEN! Please...

Anonymous said...

Yes Josh, "Something doesn't seem right over here", Have you checked the statute of limitations, consent and other laws (like "beyond reasonable doubt"), or if investigations have started?

"Beyond reasonable doubt" is still extremely difficult with severely injured victims. Psychologically. Hopefully you get a taste of such injury so you understand and stop enabling such DESTRUCTION.

What propels you to always post to help creeps and gedoylem (gods)? How much do they pay you to post?

Why do they hire you and so many other trolls? What are they spinning things away from? Why do gedoylem (gods) have an interest to cover up sexual abuse?

sam said...

Normally I don’t like to comment but ruining a person’s life without due process is very wrong. Unless there is an actual court case or Beis din, he is innocent. Just look how they attacked judge kavanagh. They had all kinds of women make up stories and tried to ruin him, same with Trump and the Russian scam. Unless it’s proven in a court or Beis din , he’s innocent. For 20 years nobody said anything and now all of a sudden they wake up? Did they bring one shred of evidence? Did they interview him for his side of the story?

Happy Tree said...

I am reading these comments and frankly am agast.There is the legal process evidence statute of limitation and the rules are very specific. Nobody has convicted Wadler the RABBI'S ruled that until there is greater clarity he should not write his column and do his radio show as a precaution TO POTENTIALLY PROTECT CHILDREN.Had we taken the same road in the past we could have saved many lives.
Let's investigate and find out.
Reminder the holy Berland adamantly denied all allegations.Then admitted to raping many women. Wadler's response seems similar defiant one kinda like Clinton.
Hope there is a blue dress.
All his good work is worth nothing if he's a totally inauthentic man or worse a child abuser and a rapist.
Hashem wants us to protect our dearest assets ......our children.

Happy Tree said...

Please seek professional help.
Due you really believe that the Satan is making up lies.Ruining one life as is alleged is worse than all his teachings.It's quite possible for him to be very talented and even good in some areas and still be a creep.
Berland brought many to Yidishskeit but he is a horrible person.
There is a doubt now about Wadler but my heart says to me he's guilty as hell.If substantiated I hope he goes there.
Destroying childrens lives is not worth all his trachings.

Shamai and the golden calf said...

There are only 2 choice: Hillel & the Golden Rule (democracy) or Shamai & the Golden Calf (cults). We followed Hillel too late and still way too little.

Happy Tree, the most important fact is the sick pedophiles have a choice, pay $200,000 to lawyers and get jail time or pay $100,000 to godoylim (tribal gods) and the district attorney just makes the case go away.

Godoylim (tribal gods) and their trolls control the pedophile market by hassling everyone who provides any evidence to the police. Then the godoylim (tribal gods) and their trolls claim the police must have evidence.

Godoylim (tribal gods) are just a (very dangerous) business that always screws everyone bad. Godoylim (tribal gods) have nothing to do with religion or God, which as per Hillel, is inclusive for all. This godoylim (tribal gods) business must be kept democratic and clergy reelected every 2 or 4 years.

If we don't democratically elect our clergy, how can we expect better from Muslims, Blacks or other peoples in history. We reap what we sow. We followed Hillel too late and still way too little.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: You believe there's a "deadly pandemic" and you have no problem perpetrating child abuse in the form of making them wear face masks, even though the Health Ministry just admitted that they knew them to be worthless before mandating them. Of course you do. Your comment shows you to be a creature who has no thought in his head besides the garbage poured into it by the newspapers and Facebook. Schmuck