Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rabbi Efraim Waxman Wants to know "What Netflix is Doing in a Jewish Home"

Rabbi, how are they going to watch "Shtisel?" 

My question to Harav Waxman..... who are you screaming at? Is there one guy in the entire audience who subscribes to Netflix going to close his account because you are barking like that?

Isn't there a nicer way to get to people? 

I wonder how many people changed because some guy in a Shtreimel was yelling at them.

And since when is Rabbi Waxman wearing a Shreimal, no one in his family ever wore a Shtreimal, not his father or his grandfather, all American born?


Ben said...

Rabbi Wachsman is very on point with every topic in this speech. True, he is talking to a crowd that probably has no clue about Netflix specifically. But somehow we both heard the speech, it made it's rounds.

Agudah Greppserei said...

Wachsman, not Waxman.

The last time he screamed at an Agudah Fresser convention, many rabbonim were upset with him. He devoted a lengthy rant to cursing out UOJ for exposing Agudah cover ups for child molesters. But many felt it was a huge mistake to acknowledge him. And they were right! Farfrummta Agudah Fressers didn't know who UOJ was before the Fresser convention but they sure do now because they ran home the minute the Fressing was over to look him up on the internet!

Regular readers of UOJ had a field day back then & started referring to him as 'Effin Wachsman.

Yisraeli galechter said...


Rav Schach once commented seriously to Americans in Ponivizh that he wishes the consumer goods conglomerates would better market their deodorants in Israel. (His kavonna later spelled out to someone else was so that there would be less suffering & stifled breathing in crowded spaces like buses.)

But I don't think this is what he had in mind.

The background was a crazy kanoyee had frothed to the rosh yeshiva, accusing Americans in the Ponivizh dorm of being oiver on loi yilbash with "perfume". Rav Schach didn't believe the nut so he called in Americans to ask for an explanation. They told the rosh yeshiva there's a product widely used in America that is not so shechiach in Israel, that is not perfume, it is only meant to counter smelly shvitz. Rav Schach thought it was an amazing idea of a product & exclaimed zay zollen es shikken beravchus tze Eretz Yisroel! The b.o. on the buses was in a different conversation with an American bochur who later came to Lakewood with that hilarious mayseh.

Frum but normal said...

it's all a show, nothing else
no one takes these bozos seriously

TAG.org spyware said...

This does scare lots of meckelech (shy peeps) in the system from going on the internet, and reinforces the trolls who hassle mekelech (shy peeps). These trolls are guided whom to target (and embarrass) by the TAG.org spyware. All the schools force all meckelech (shy) parents onto TAG.org

Who elected Waxman or his bosses to scream at us or to decide how much tuition to take out of our pockets. Let's fire these bums and elect decent clergy every 2-4 years. See more at link.

Anonymous said...

Classic UOJ readers

referring to him as 'Effin Wachsman.

Trying to match the UOJ host nivul peh. But they still have long way to go before they use such adjectives on Gedolim such as Rav Scheinberg, Rav Wachtfogel and even Reb Elyashev, as the host has done in the past. Its in hard form.

TAG.org spyware said...

8:05 PM, It says "asay lechah rav" (get yourself a teacher) not "asay lechah talmidim" (coerce and build a cult following, employ trolls to manipulate and spy on everyone).

"Branded" cult leaders are by definition suspect and bums, nothing to do with Hashem. Until they build it as democratic institutions. See link.

"Brands" don't grow on trees. It's built with tooth and nail, dirty politics. Who elected them to impose edicts on the public? While deliberating in secret??

Anonymous said...

Very good speech from rabbi waxman thanks for bringing to my attention now dus iz nias WHY do you have netflix?