Saturday, November 20, 2021

:Boo Hoo" Followers of Gerer Rebbe Run to TV 13 To Cry That their children Ran to R' Shaul Alter... Very Sick indeed

 You don't have to understand one word of Hebrew to see what's going on. 

Nooooooo their children didn't convert to Islam, noooooooo they didn't go off the derech, they follow Rav Shaul Alter!

I'm telling that this is crazy and is a reflection of what is going on to all Chareidie groups, if a child leaves one side to go to another, then that is catastrophic ...

Something terrible is going on in the Frum world of chunuch!


Anonymous said...

They are trying to flip the script as if it is R Shaul that is the one causing this.

The current Gerrer Rebbe (r Yankel) and his children are the ones that are using terror, intimidation and violence.

Ger is the most powerful sect in Israel and in essence controls the government. They can do whatever they want and the government is scared to stop them. That is why they wield unwavering power over their followers and like most of our families in WW2, they are just SHEEP that follow.

Not to mention that the rebbe has a net worth of 2 Billion USD. While many of his followers cannot feed their children.

R Shaul is the most peaceful and sincere person. He is the exact opposite of the current ger rebbes children, and they know that if they don't portray him as the devil and ostracize him and his followers then he will by default become the next leader.

Its all about power and greed. This story has been told many times throughout our history,, albeit just with different names.

Anonymous said...

Rule number 1 of any cult= control the sheeple by any means necessary.