Monday, November 8, 2021

Gerer Chassidim in the USA are Dumping their Rebbe and Embracing R' Shaul Alter

מחזה עצום במוצאי שבת עם הגר"ש אלתר

 Despite threats by askanim of the Gerer Rebbe, despite that a robo-call went out to Gerer Chassidim warning them that if they attend any ceremony for R' Shaul Alter the Roshei Yeshiva, they will be banished, thousands of Gerer Chassidim came out to  embrace the Rosh Yeshiva, basically crowning him as the "real authentic" Rebbe. 

The robo-call in english and in yiddish called R' Shaul Alter, the "osah ha'ish" (that man) a term reserved for Jesus. They also requested from Gerer Chassidim to separate from their spouses, bochrim to never speak to their parents again  if one of them joined R' Shaul. 

It seems that all the threats backfired, as practically all Rabbanim and Roshei Yeshiva have given R' Shaul Alter respect and the Kavod that a Rebbe deserves. 

ערוץ 13 על הצלחתו של הגר"ש אלתר


Anonymous said...

WTF? Really? So power hungry?

Uriah’s Wife said...

Rumor has it, based on authoritative sources, that the attraction to R’ Shaul Alter’s alternative kehilla are newly enacted Sex Takonos that add additional restrictions to one’s sexual state of affairs to the dozens that already attract the Ger cult to embrace celibacy. A few of R’ Shaul’s Takonos are: No sex with your wife during the month of Elul. No sex with your wife during the month preceding Elul. No sex with your wife during the month following Elul. The Missionary sexual position is prohibited during the month of Tammuz because The Lubavitcher Rebbe died in the early days of that month and invoking Missionaries in any form is especially forbidden during that month.
R’ Shaul is considering a dozen more Takonos exclusive of sexual considerations, one being to include Shatnez prohibitions to vacuum bag lint.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a gerrer, I was by the tish Friday night , had to look real hard for any spudiks, see the photos/videos anyone with no hat on is a gerrer , the rest were boropark onlookers who came to watch the show

LES AYM said...

Great point!
But why would the gerrers be the ones with no hats? Why would they be removing it?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your comment could very easily be the truth. Or maybe it is.

Anonymous said...

I am a Gerrer and learned in Gerrer Cheder. I was at that tish and at other venues. Most of the people were Gerrer. It doesn't make sense that Bobover, Viznitz, Satmar or other Chassidim would leave their own Rebbes tish to come to this one, maybe a few but thousands? As far as the "spodeks" are concerned, most American Gerrer from this generation put on Shtrimlach. R' Shaul Alter is popular because he has said many times that a Rebbe is not G-D, and should not be worshipped, and that's why so many are attracted to him because he is "an Ish Emes"
He is opening new Moisdois and raised millions of dollars, he is on his way to success. But where was Shlomo Werdiger, he is betting on the wrong horse.