Monday, June 15, 2020

Williamsburg Park Doors WELDED SHUT To Keep Children Out; But Thousands Protest Just Blocks Away on Eastern Parkway

The NYC Parks Department was in Williamsburg on Monday morning, and were seen welding the doors of shut at the Middleton Playground (Lynch Park) – to make sure that children shouldn’t be able to play in the park.
Meanwhile many parks around the city were open and thousands of protesters were permitted to gather in Brooklyn on Sunday to support “black trans lives" in front of the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway


Anonymous said...

What happened with you dusiznies? In the beginning you fell hook line and sinker for the quarantine hoax. You were cussing out any shul or yeshiva who dared to be open. You fell in to the political hoax of quarantining everyone made up by political actors and shoved down our throats by fake stream media. Perhaps you finally got wise to all the fake doctors who know nothing other then $$$$. If so would you opologise to all the people who saw through this hoax from the beginning.

Common Sense said...

The only hoax is the baloney justifications to open everything up from some in the Right Wing so that the economy comes before pikuach nefesh. And from the anti-vaxx including the Philly hijacked Agudah. And from Satmar who while they are very lately no longer in the anti-vaxx camp per se, they are out of their minds, claiming that Torah will save them from dying so they must catch the virus or else under quarantine the bucherim will misbehave in the gass.

This virus is real, it's deadly & it's extremely contagious.

It's true that Democrats have ulterior motives & only selectively enforce the quarantines.

DIN has not been disputing the commentary because it comes from a Torah & hatzolas nefoshos perspective.

Dusiznies said...

I am myself is in Quarantine ....right now
It's not a "hoax" if everyone would have followed the regs we would have been over it a long time ago

Now that I see that no one is following the regulations, I believe that all business should open ... we cannot keep the country locked forever.. bad economy can kill too...

The doctors are not fake... what's fake about Doctor Deutsch ...what's in it for him?
I believe that the Rabbanim and the Roshei Yeshivah that didn't close their shuls and Yeshivos are a bunch of murderers ...and those shuls and yeshivos that remained open should be shut down permanently ...
Those who ran to minyanim defying regulations when Covid-19 was just beginning are no different than the Shvartza rioters and murderers ..
The only thing that I apologise is that I didn't name the Rabbanim murderers who were open..

Anonymous said...

Dr Deutsch is the biggest schmuck on top of 2 feet. He doesn't know a thing about coronavirus other than what he reads in the stinking fish wrap new York times articles. Anyone who knows him from koc knows that this guy is plain power hungry like our great governor they're both devouring their five minutes of fame like a famished crackhead that hasn't eaten for days. The governor gets on tv every day to talk about meatballs and shnazolas while this guy Deutch puts out his rambling videos of him saying absolutely nothing as if he's the greatest person that ever lived, I just don't understand these people that fall for all this crap

Anonymous said...

so you believe that if everyone kept to the regulations then coronavirus would have disappeared...please tell us all what you based your statement on. Perhaps you are referring to Israel where they enforced the quarantine and as soon as they opened up it shot up again. Don't you understand that by the time regulations were set in new York it was already too late. Too many people had the virus already. And what about the people who already got the virus and are immune which is about 90% of the Jewish population in NYC. To them you say that we don't know if antibodies means that you're immune so stay locked up until we develop a vaccine. Fool vaccines only work based on immunity. They inject a weakened version of the virus into the person and his body develops antibodies which immunes him from the virus.

Dusiznies said...

Yes I believe "that if everyone kept to the regulations then coronavirus would have disappeared."
Absolutely 100%

" 90% of the Jewish population in NYC." are immune ....?
I'm not sure about that .... the Chareidie communities were percentage wise hit the hardest .....In my own family, young people barely survived ....I know at least 20 people that died and had no other health issues ...a close friend of mine miraculously survived but barely ... he got it on Purim and is in rehab..learning how to walk!...
Having said all that ..I now believe the the country should open up... not that the virus is gone ... but I now believe that the economy must open up....I know people who have lost their homes.. their business .... etc...