Sunday, June 14, 2020

Watch 17 Minutes Of Joe Biden's Totally Fried Brain



Anonymous said...

He will be a gr8 president. He is not a wall street gangster

Anonymous said...

He is not a wall street gangster. He is a person with a heart ❤️. That's what we need in a leader

Eizehu Chochom said...

Rabbi Dr. Glatt knows that if he criticizes the Agudah he will attract all kinds of vicious badmouthing led by the programmed robots from Philly. So he amusingly praises the Agudah for calling for mask wearing while shlogging up in the politest way possible their "bubble" shtuss that they got from a Christian sect who have a similar crazed, misguided 'religious' agenda to open the camps. Rabbi Glatt points out that the only bubble format that has had some success (but still not 100% safe) is the one instituted in New Zealand, Germany & 2 Canadian Provinces that allows for 2 mishpochos who know each other to form their own bubble together if they are mutually sure the other is not infected. It goes unsaid that certainly the Agudah-Christian stupidity of suddenly bubblizing 100s or even 1000s of people is a reckless fantasy that Rebbi Akiva Eiger calls shfichus domim.

The Agudah Way said...

create a problem like all the overeating at the Fresser Convention & then have one of your machers show up as the Knight in shining armor to profit off the fix

Anonymous said...

As opposed to the Agudah Fressers itching to be makriv your kids to the anti-vaxx Moilech, in re-opening ceremonies overseen by High Priest Shmuel Kaminetzky, these medical experts would wait a year OR MORE before allowing schools to open:

“We do not know much about long-term effects of Covid in children. However, we know that the virus impacts all organs. We'll learn more in the future. The long term course in children who survive may not be benign, including those children who are asymptomatic.”
- Edwin Trevathan, Vanderbilt University

“There's insufficient information at this time to give a good answer. Before allowing children to return to school, I'd want to know more about Kawasaki syndrome in children infected, the transmissibility from asymptomatic individuals & severity of outcomes by age.”
- Claudia Salinas, Eli Lilly & Co

“I think information about a Kawasaki-like illness is concerning & needs to be explored prior to opening”
- Melissa Sharp, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

“Until we know more about risk of exposure, transmission & multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, I’ll be keeping my kids home infinitely.”
- Kate Duchowny, University of California, San Francisco

“We don't understand enough about long term consequences of Covid infection in children.”
- Alicia Riley, University of California, San Francisco

“I worry for my grandchildren in Texas where social distancing isn't taken seriously. I wouldn't want them ill with inflammatory symptoms seen in children.”
- Candace Ayars, A. T. Still University

“Depends on availability of a vaccine, especially since children & young adults are at risk of lethal infections.”
- Sandra Melnick Seitz, National Institutes of Health

“I don't feel comfortable sending children to school, camp or day care until there's a vaccine or zero community spread.”
- Megan Harvey, Springfield College

“If I had children, I wouldn't send them until vaccinated, or when there's a highly effective, widely available & affordable treatment that's safe.”
- Nancy Sloan, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“I don’t have children at home, but my advice would be wait for effective treatment / vaccine. It's hard for children to maintain safe distance or to wear a mask.”
- Robert J. McCarter, George Washington University

“If I did have children, I'd protect them as long as I could, knowing that social distance & PPE at schools isn't realistic. My preference would be wait for a safe vaccine, and I realize this would be very challenging.”
- Joseph Wagner, U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine

“Need vaccine or treatment first.”
- Lindsey Powers Happ, George Washington University

“Not until a large proportion has received a vaccine.”
- Alison Simmons, University of Toronto

“When everybody is vaccinated.”
- Emanuela Taioli, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai

“When there's a reliable vaccine.”
- Shervin Churchill, University of Washington

“When vaccines for Covid are available.”
- Sylvia Lin, University of Pittsburgh

“I would worry about teachers.”
- Lisa Herrinton, Kaiser Permanente

“I think it would be really stupid to reopen schools in September, given the present course of things. Really. Stupid.”
- Carl Phillips, Epiphi Consulting

“I wouldn't send them to school, camp or day care for summer 2020, and I'd have strong reservations sending them back in the fall.”
- Tara Jenson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

“Schools & camps are probably the most worrisome given the mode of transmission & social interaction of students.”
- Yvette Cozier, Boston University

“I don’t have kids, but I wouldn't send a child to school, camp, etc, if social distancing & masking couldn't be maintained.”
- Veronica Pear, University of California, Davis and Berkeley