Friday, June 19, 2020

Both Satmar Rebbes Get Together To Send Letter That Backs De'Blasio

I really have to laugh ..... 
The following article appeared on May 1.... 
so how did that work out? Ha Ha!
The article was pointing out that although the Satmar Rebbe brothers hate each other's guts, they got together to publicly back the anti-Semite De'Blasio!

But what's funny is that they lied..... no...not the newspaper.. the Rebbis ... Yes the Holy Rebbis lied!

All Satmar Moisdois were secretly open and they are still open ...
no one is following any of the regs ... no one is social distancing ...especially when those letters were written in May 
Most regs are still in place and even if those regs have eased up... the Satmar communities aren't following the restrictions at all..
So what was with those letters?

They were "chanfining" the German anti-Semite Bill De' get special treatment like motorcades and $$$$$$$$$$!
But didn't mean one iota in that letter! 
Nice chinuch... nice message to the "tinokas shel bais rabban"

Read the May 1 article, but don't do it while drinking your hot coffee!

Letters from two rival Satmar factions both highlight close ties between community and de Blasio, condemn outsiders who accused mayor of anti-Semitism in row over funeral

Two Hasidic synagogues defended New York Mayor Bill de Blasio from charges of anti-Semitism and called on members of their communities to adhere to government social distancing requirements.
The letters – issued on Thursday by two rival factions of the Satmar Hasidic community in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn – offered praise for the mayor.

De Blasio, who has long enjoyed a close relationship with the Hasidic community, was widely criticized this week for singling out “the Jewish community” after a large Hasidic funeral drew a crowd of thousands into the street. Both letters denounced de Blasio’s critics, in particular those who accused the mayor of anti-Semitism, while calling on their communities to work with law enforcement to avoid behavior that endangers lives.
“Our positions remain consistent,” Mayer Rispler, a leader of the Aronim faction, wrote. “We do not condone any behavior that puts people at risk and pledge to keep working alongside the brave men and women of the NYPD in addressing and eliminating any such occurrences.”
“At the same time, we want to disavow the attacks and derogatory language against our mayor, from people from outside the community and from reckless people among us,” Shaul Perlstein, a leader of the Zaloynim faction, wrote in a letter that was shared widely on Twitter. “We call upon the entire community not to be drawn into their views and not be influenced by those big-mouths on hotlines and the internet who are trying to kindle a fire of hate, it shall never happen.”
The letters come at the end of a week in which the mayor has come under withering criticism from the Jewish community over his tweet. Dozens of Jewish leaders signed a letter this week asking for a meeting, saying the mayor engaged in “scapegoating” the Jewish community, playing into anti-Semitic tropes.
But the letters from the Satmar synagogues served as a public reminder that the community’s leadership remained in lockstep with the mayor.
“The close relationship between Mr. De Blasio and our community go back close to two decades, during which time we have come to know, respect and appreciate his understanding and sensitivity to the unique needs of our community,” Rispler wrote. “We consider him a dear friend and pray for his success.”


Romanisher Ferd said...

The imbeciles calling de Blasio a Nazi are William Handler, Isaac Abraham & convicted fraudster Heshy Tischler.

Then there is a tier of loose cannons who are almost as idiotic in their verbal insults against the Mayor, comprised of Simcha Felder, Kalman Yeger & Simcha Eichenstein. I could never see myself voting for any of these irresponsible, well, ferds, again. Ezra the Kapo's name keeps popping up from time to time but I haven't been able to find any proof he participated in these anti-Mayoral assaults.

Next is Duvid Niederman who goes to stand with them with a very smug, satisfied look on his mee'eseh punim.

And finally is Chaim Deutsch who was wrong in writing a very strong letter to the Mayor demanding things that are very unwise, but he was still arguably professional about it. He apparently does not wish to be caught dead with any of the above embarrassments.

Anonymous said...

So now you're afraid to stand up to this bastard mayor. It's time to learn from our mistakes that bowing down to these anti semites just gives them a chance to push you down further. Kahana was right. You're wrong.

Anonymous said...

which of the two skunk brothers has the longest tongue?
First one to reach the mayor's colon wins!!

A bissel sechel please said...

Though Kahane was correct about much of what he said, he still had a significant amount of improper azus in the Galus & a tiny amount of kefira which when combined he was still krum.

And I have news for Mr. Kahane-Chai. Your icon had a problem with murderous Arabs. So his problem was a legitimate problem. The Arabs don't want us to live, to breathe. But these heimishe morons with the bolt cutters, and their surrogates from Satmar & Agudah Fresser HQ with their rants & raves for a restraining order, what are they fighting for? In a week they already have their parks & their day camps anyway. They are such big babies that they have to have the parks right now and indulge in the frills of overnight camp because day camp isn't enough? Yes, they are big babies, and worse! They demand their frills during a pandemic when all the reasonable goyim are disgusted by such behavior and they do so by sticking needles in the eyes of the highest leaders in the City & State. What? You think in a month from now these leaders will just forget what the arrogant rear-end for brains askonim did to them, insulted them & made a mockery of them? Especially they are both Italians who are more offended by wounded pride than most. And get a clue as unzerra morons are a bunch of roidfim who are going to kill more neshomos with the virus. It makes no difference if Leftist politicians are hypocrites allowing anarchist riots.