Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Bobover" Eichenstein Thrown Under the Bus ... No Overnight Camps...

Governor Cuomo's Health Commissioner, Dr Zucker, just kicked "lang reckel" Bobover State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and his cohort the "asken" Ezra Friedlander in the proverbial ass....
You see where all that "tuches lekking" got them....nowhere!
The party is over.... 
the goyim don't give two hoots about you and the communities that you represent .......
When you and your "Torah" leaders support bums like Nadler, Schumer and Engel who are looking to topple a sitting president who loves the Jewish people and Israel and you say nothing .......then "karma" turns around and takes a big bite in your behinds! 
Last week Eichenstein made a dramatic appeal in front of an empty Governor Cuomo's office and pleaded for him to open the camps... but what Eichenstein forgets is that he is in Galus ... and should do diplomacy in secret ....
But no! ... instead of humbling down in front of Eisav he stood with arrogance and chutzpah  in front of the Governor's office to "demand"  the governor open the camps....
Statement from New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker on Overnight Summer Camps:
Throughout this entire public health response, there isn’t a single decision we have not made based on data and science, rather than emotion. Using the best currently available science and data, I have reached a decision to prohibit overnight children’s camps from operating this season in New York State.
Unlike day camps, which are approved to open June 29, overnight camps are a difficult setting to manage social distancing and face covering and infection control practices. Overnight camps have congregate settings and sleeping arrangements in close quarters that present too many risks. In such a setting, even a single positive case in a camper or staff member could create an untenable quarantine situation and overwhelm camp health personnel that may not be able to handle a serious infectious outbreak of this nature.
I have fond memories of summer sleepaway camp as a kid and I understand the role they play in childhood development and the disappointment this decision may bring to families across the state. But amid the worst public health crisis in a century, my number one priority is the health and safety of all New Yorkers. And while infection rates are declining, we need to proceed with caution and take every step possible to avoid undoing all the progress New Yorkers have made in bending the curve and reopening the state safely and responsibly.



UOJ Gets Results said...

Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz of UOJ, who Cuomo knows personally, warned Cuomo to ignore the Agudah Fressers who have been hijacked by the crazed anti-vaxx guru from Philly. They don't care how many children die as long as they can carry out their selfish agenda shelo al pi Hatorah.

The Agudah went completely beserk, lashing out with a manic press release right before the zman erev Shabbos, lambasting the Governor as if they were Republican operatives attacking AOC. The Agudah Fresser morons were dangerously violating misgareh beUmos. And the Cuomos don't take very well to personal insults which these idiots should know that Andrew's father Mario was already like that.

Yudel Shain said...

Coumo is also getting even with Simcha Felder.
I wrote twice to Eichnstein, how to improve an NYS issue without costing the State a red cent, Eichtenstein didn't even bother to answer.

Eat Crow.

birds of a feather said...

Friedlander & Eichenstein have a lot in common, they are neighbors, Friedlander employed Eichenstein in the past, they are both Rebbeshe kinder/eineklach without a rebbistveh, that went into politics.

cyrano said...

I have serious misgivings regarding the post by UOJ. Were we reading the same Agudah press release? "The Agudah went completely beserk ....". How so? By stating that were disappointed by Governor Cuomo's decision? ...."they were dangerously violating misgareh be'umos ...." Really? In what way? By exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to petition the government? Were they in violation of any Federal, State or local ordinance? How do you suggest that the Agudah respond to Cuomo's decision? By agreeing with it?

Does UOJ have any children cooped up for over 3 months? What does he suggest should be done with the children this summer? Are the children really in any danger in sleep away camp? Can you name one single Jewish child that succumbed to Covid-19 in the New York area?

If you wish that your comments have any credibility in the future, I suggest that you reserve your criticism of the Agudah as well as of Simcha Eichenstein for more egregiously bad conduct.

As for Yudel Shain, well, he is just being Yudel Shain, the Traifenator.

Anonymous said...

Since the Agudah, Eichenstein & the Satmar-led heimishe contingent are following the plan to sacrifice lives of children from the YMCA tiflus, that makes them all Kapos. Oy leRushe v'oy le'shecheinoi, so zet men what happens when someone moves in next to Kapo Ezra Friedlander.

I assume Eichenstein is mishpuche of the Rebbe in Chicago named Eichenstein who is protecting Agudah Fresser child molester Meystel. Meystel was already molesting boys in South Bend yeshiva before he became an Agudah Fresser macher in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Cyrano, no one is belittling or unsympathetic that cooping up children is detrimental. But their lives come first. Many children went through much worse to survive the Holocaust.

The Agudah spoke very belligerently & disrespectfully to the most powerful man in NY State. Of course there is free speech from a secular legal standpoint but the Torah warns us for good reason how to address such figures. Take a look in sifrei R' Akiva Eiger how he was so careful in this.

UOJ has grandchildren in the parsha. He is a chochom royeh es hanoylad who was from the early ones to warn his kids to stock up on non-perishable foods & other supplies in case the food chain collapses.

There are plenty of kid activities available. Come on, you are smart enough to brainstorm some ideas yourself.

There are Jewish kids who died. The cases are mostly kept quiet by the families who don't like to call attention to themselves for various reasons, including so that the entire family is not stigmatized as possibly contagious.

You might not like Yudel Shain but he has been right about his points almost 100% of the time. Why do you think certain kashrus orgs expend so much effort to demonize him? They wouldn't spend 5 seconds on him if he didn't have real facts that damage their self-issued facade of credibility.

cyrano said...

I would like to respond to Anonymous of 6/15 12:57 AM. I would like to me go through his comments point by point. Unfortunately, my response cannot be accepted by this blog as is because it is too lengthy, so I will attempt to break it up into separate posts if DIN will allow it. ".....lives come first. " This assumes that lives are somehow more in jeopardy in sleep away camp as opposed to day camp. How do we know this? Because Cuomo and the "experts" he selected tell us that this is so, and they are all.......honorable!?? Are they truly honorable men who only wish to protect the public? Really? The Governor's administration's response to the current lawless injury to persons and destruction of property would suggest otherwise.

If a "sakunah", as defined by Torah tradition exists that we must take precautions regards of the positions held by secular authorities. Indeed, for example, consider if you will, if at any point should Albany decide that sleep away camp is mandatory; that for the "good of the public" every child must be sent to sleep away camp. If according to Halacha, this were to constitute a "sakunah", then it would be our obligation to oppose such a decree regardless of the government's opinion. For example, we avoid mixing meat and fish because our sages tell us that it is a "sakunah". Even if a million doctors were to assure us that it is a perfectly safe practice, we must still consider it more seriously than eating treif.

So tell me, how do you know that sleep away camp is more dangerous than day camp?

Next point. ....children went through much worse to survive the Holocaust." So is the standard? Must we accept every circumstance, because after all, the Holocaust was much worse?

Next. "The Agudah spoke very belligerently & disrespectfully to the most powerful man in NY State." Really? I won't dispute the implication that Governor Cuomo is the most powerful man in NY State (although some might argue that it is actually Al Sharpton who is more powerful), but can you quote any words or phrase in the Agudah's statement that can be construed as belligerent or disrespectful? That the Agudah expresses their deep disappointment with the governments decision? Surely, belligerence and disrespect must be made of sterner stuff.

Further, "Take a look in sifrei R' Akiva Eiger how he was so careful in this." I am not sure as what specifically this refers to, but I will assume that this implies that R' Akiva Eiger was circumspect in his writings. Be that as it may, one ought to be cognizant of the circumstances in existence when he penned his seforim. R' Akiva Eiger resided in Germany and Poland in the late 18th and early 19th century in a time and place when Jews were not citizens, had no right to vote, were subject to special taxes and were burdened with many other social disabilities. Their very existence depended on the good will and the whim of secular authorities. There is no comparison to the equality under the law that Jews enjoy today. There is no doubt that had Rabbi Eiger lived among us he would be a very harsh critic indeed.

cyrano said...

The balance of my response to Anonymous of 6/15 12:57 AM

"UOJ has grandchildren in the parsha. He is a chochom royeh es hanoylad who was from the early ones to warn his kids to stock up on non-perishable foods & other supplies in case the food chain collapses." The fact that UOJ advised his children to prepare for the worst, does not automatically imply that his children actually took his advice or if they did, how they are coping. I would like to hear from them if they, too think that sleep-away camp is a bad idea.

"There are plenty of kid activities available. Come on, you are smart enough to brainstorm some ideas yourself." In truth, I might be able to come up with ideas that will work for a week or so. But if I were to be cooped up for three months with 12 children, as some people I know, I don't know if I would be left with a brain to brainstorm with.

"There are Jewish kids who died. The cases are mostly kept quiet by the families who don't like to call attention to themselves for various reasons, including so that the entire family is not stigmatized as possibly contagious." Is this some kind of conspiracy theory? It would be kind of difficult to cover up the death of a child. It would be far easier to falsely label a child's death as COVID related than to cover up an actual COVID death. In any event, are you suggesting that there are actually children who died because of COVID, but you can't come up with one single solitary name of a child, because of a conspiracy to conceal that fact. And that this is going on all the while when adult COVID deaths are freely reported on the Kovod Acharon site? Really?

Finally. my remarks regarding Yudel Shain were indeed gratuitous. I just didn't like his comment that he wrote Eichenstein twice and Eichenstein didn't respond, as if this suggests some nefarious motive on the part of Eichenstein. It actually proves nothing, just as if you were to choose not to respond to me. It might just be that you have more important things to do.

Anonymous said...

Cyrano, you ask a good question from day camps. Cuomo is accused by many of corruption in opening the day camps because a top donor to his campaign who is also head of the State Democrat Party owns a bunch of day camps. He should have closed the day camps just like he closed the overnight camps. And he probably didn't even mean it when he closed the overnight camps because watch & see if Satmar & co just move into them and he does nothing just like he does nothing now when all their yeshivos reopened weeks ago. Today Cuomo was confronted about the yeshivos being opened. He passed the buck to the local authorities. At least in Rockland County, Ed Day says Cuomo is full of crap because he says Rockland is in charge but gave no koyach to Rockland to actually do anything. But we already knew he is a murderer from what he did in the nursing homes. And we already knew that the Agudah has been hijacked by the murderers in Philly & Ger who want to infect as many people as possible with retarded justifications.

I'm sure you can agree that Cuomo was likely insulted by the Agudah's letter. Because he is a powerful man that is already misgareh. We are still in galus so things could chalila suddenly revert to a similar status of they way things were in Rav Eiger's days. Look how the Shvartz anarchist mob has started to merge anti-Semitism into their fake outrage for Floyd.

There was an infant in Brooklyn niftar that a newspaper went to the shiva house & reported everyone was crying. They actually reported the family name which I no longer recall. And at least one of the 200 or so area young children with the secondary inflammatory syndrome is a Lakewood kid. Most times the media will not give identifiers from among large numbers of victims.