Monday, September 4, 2017

The Myth of Reform Judaism

Recent political activity by primarily Reform Jewish groups makes it important to clarify for the world of politics and the media who really represents the Jewish People.

 I will start by being fair and saying that the Nazis did not differentiate between Reform and Orthodox Jews. As a matter of fact, if you had only one grandparent who was Jewish you were sent to the gas chambers.

They killed us all. Both Reform Jews and Orthodox Jews fought as soldiers for America against the Nazis. 

During the Holocaust the Reform movement, led by Rabbi Stephen Wise, held sway in Washington. They did little to save their brethren. 

The Orthodox, led by Rabbi Aharon Kotler and Irving Bunim. saved tens of thousands. Now let's fast forward to today. 

Reform Judaism does not exist in Israel. It barely makes up 3% of the Jewish population. They are a myth in Israel and I maintain they are an overrated group in America. They make noise but are in point of fact a group on life support. They are constantly being propped up by the New York Times and other leftist media outlets.

They have empty Synagogues and are in dire straits. 

The story about the four Jewish organizations shunning the President was featured on the front page of the New York Times and may well have been manufactured by the media wonks at these organizations. The phone call that these organizations were supposedly backing out of was not yet even in play. It is a disgrace that Reform Jews would do such a thing after all the President has done to support Israel. 

The New York Times mistakenly said that "Mr.Trump is an unpopular figure with most American Jews, but has retained a well of support among the most religiously observant denominations in large part because of his views on Israel and Iran." Orthodox Jewish Groups have much more  on their minds than Israel and Iran, although those issues are important.

The main thing on the mind of Orthodox Jews is how best keep the Jewish People, including Reform Jews, alive and well. Survival is our main focus both here in America and in Israel. The Orthodox also believe they have an obligation to keep the world safe and morally enlightened. 

The Republican Party for the most part is a better match because of its stress on the family unit, respect of one's parents and elders, and respect for religion and its values. 

The recent letter by 200 primarily Reform clergy opposing Israel's ban on pro-BDS activists tells volumes about where the Reform movement is today. Israel has a legitimate concern that BDS is an existential threat. 

The four rabbinic groups' - including the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Rabbinical Assembly(Conservative Judaism), the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism - refusal to participate in a possible call with President Trump around the High Holidays is a further embarrassment. After all the President has done for Israel, these groups show insensitivity and ungratefulness. 

It is an outrage,  to be frank. 

Members from these groups did not vote for the President, were super cozy with President Obama, established J Street that even the government of Israel has called a thorn in its side, and have become more aggressive than ever in their political messaging. Had they been like this when the Holocaust was taking place, many more Jews would have survived. These groups acted as the Amen choir for President Obama and now have decided to become the Anti-Trump choir.

The "women of the wall" and the attempt to change the status quo of the Western Wall prayer practices has also been orchestrated by the Reform movement. 

The funding of these activities comes essentially from one man - George Soros. The Reform with a dismal 1.7 per family birth rate and rampant assimilation are failing miserably. 

The Orthodox, on the other hand, are growing rapidly both in America and Israel and thriving. Reform Jews do not represent Judaism's core values, nor do their leaders speak for the Jewish People. To pretend they do is a great myth that is in serious need of being busted.

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