Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ezra Friedlander Trying to Manipulate Congress to Fund His Own Shenanigans

Ezra after swallowing some schmaltz herring

We are all B"H living in the year 2017, but you would never know it if you met Ezra Friedlander. Ezra Friedlander has built a career  trying to enrich himself on the backs of Holocaust survivors.

We had Jews like that in 1941 when Nazis forced Jews to persecute and torture their fellow brothers and sisters in ghettos and concentration camps...these Jews had a name "Capos" .....

I remember growing up and  actually meeting these capos. They were dressed like other Jews with some of them actually dressing chassidish.

Some capos tried their best to preserve the lives of their brethren and sacrificing their very own lives
 .... others, became opportunists that morphed into wild animals.

I must have met the animals, because I vividly remember my neighbors whispering about these subhumans who managed to survive and now assimilated in our neighborhoods masquerading as frum benevolent Jews. In Israel some were actually tried in court and others were murdered by their victims.

One in particular, was the Rosh Hakhal of a famous shul in Boro-Park. He was a "Baal Chesed" and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to our holy institutions. It could very well be that he regretted his past, but my Mother a"h who never spoke evil about anyone told me that he was a sadistic evil monster. 

Just about a year ago, President Obama made a deal with Iran that according to the people in the know, would in effect hand nuclear weapons weapons to Iran, known as the largest terrorist exporter in the entire world. 
Let's not forget that Iran constantly vows to wipe Israel off the map. 
It was a very bad deal.....

Jerry Nadler, a congressman whose constituents comprise of Holocaust survivors was in favor of this disastrous deal and as an aside, is also in favor of JStreet, an organization that fights to weaken Israel and supports the vicious BDS movement .

Right before Election Day, he hired Ezra Friedlander to write an op-Ed in the Yeshivahworld blog  that urged his fellow Jews to disregard Nadler's disgusting Iran “Genocide Bill” vote, and vote for Nadler!
His money is apparently running out, so this admitted uneducated schemers,  came up with a money making scam that may very well be illegal...

He  has made a business of arranging luncheons on Capital Hill  for organizations who want the use of the prestige of the capitol, charging them enormous fees.

So how does he do it? By commercializing the Congressional Gold Medal.

And guess who he wants to honor ..?????????

Anwar Sadat! 

Anwar Sadat? 
A boro-park guy with a shtreimal wants to honor Sadat? 
Yes, because this will bring Arab Money, soaked with Jewish blood!

Call your local congressman and voice your opposition to this money scam ..... 


Time to wake up and smell the coffee said...

The Capitol Hill luncheons and the Congressional Gold Medal things are two separate business services of Friedlander.

The first is something that he has been doing for a while already.

The second, however, is something he has just recently started advertising - a service to help arrange Congressional Gold Medal awards. He started out with getting one for Wallenberg, a genuinely deserving individual, who lost his life acting for a just cause with great heroism. Then he went to Shimon Peres. Now Anwar Sadat. But to now advertise it as a business? The US Congress should strongly repudiate and resist Ezra Friedlander's attempt to make it into a business. Time to put him in his place.

The Congressional Gold Medal should be a singular honor, not a business.

Congress and the administration need to wake up and smell the coffee. Don't they realize when they are being taken for a ride?

Anonymous said...

Friedlander's been lobbying for this for quite some time. It took all of the Lubavitch shluchim in every state to go to their congressmen to get a Congressional Gold Medal for the Lubavitch Rebbe.

Obviously Congressional Gold Medal doesn't mean anything anymore. But who is paying for the lobbying efforts? Or maybe the Libyans whom he lobbies for will pay to be seated at the head table.

But hey, over Shabbat dinner at Yale University, Friedlander said he wants to be the "Jew at the White House" and "save the Jews" in case there's another Holocaust...

Anonymous said...

DIN,while on the subject of gangsters and lowlifes,did you manage to catch rotten Frankfurters editorial in last weeks rag Ami,where he vomits out his Brisker and Satmar Israel hating insanity,this piece of filth has the audacity to claim that the fact there is a Medinas Yisroel with almost seven million Jews residing in it (half of all the Jews in the world) and a KIBUTZ GOLIOUS from the four corners of the world and where tens of thousands of Jews sit and learn all day supported by the state,this MESHUGENE bastard claims that it has absolutely no significance and has absolutely nothing to do with the start of our eventual GEULAH.
Go read it (but make sure it's before you eat anything) and tell us what you think.

thought said...

"over Shabbat dinner at Yale University, Friedlander said he wants to be the "Jew at the White House" and "save the Jews" in case there's another Holocaust..."

His fantasy sounds like a certain Senator's Schumer-shomer line.

Anonymous said...

to Chaim, it's the people's fault for buying theses filths and advertisers for advertising, what people need to do is boycott these rags and rags who won't publish a photo of a regular tznius woman.
They burn Israeli flags in public, so next week before Rosh Hashana there should be a big bonfire and burn all these rags soaked in kerosene , it's just as important as tashlich.

Savta said...

Anwar Sadat does deserve a medal.

Obama and Arafat got novel price for "peace" that still kills thousands on both sides.

But Anwar Sadat was brave leader . he pervented the next war and the next....and he paid with his life for that.

So he defiantly deserves honor and recognition from the world and from the Jewish ppl.

Now. by the mere comparison of Friedlander to a kapo.... well...that leave a very big hole about your own good is scary how much hatred you have for a fellow jew...

I hope you will have a wonderful. healthy happy loving year.

Anonymous said...

hi. Sadat does deserve this medal ... saved many. many lifes...

And the writer of this blog.. wow... such harter for a fellow jew..

Anonymous said...

wow...such hate.. Friedlander is like a kapo .. did you lose your senity...

I dare you to publish this comment.

Anonymous said...

Arafat and Obama got novel price for "peace".. that still kills many people on both sides.

Yes. Anwar Sadat DESERVE honor and respect for his brave peace agreement. he paid with his life. to save manybother lifes. Jews and Egyptian

This is a correct thing to do.

So other Arab leaders may Ai"h follow suit..

exposing the phony Ezra Friedlander Group scam said...

"Obama and Arafat got novel price for "peace" that still kills thousands on both sides."

Ezra Friedlander was busy flattering, tuches licking Obama for years. He was busy cavorting with his anti-Israel advisor Ben Rhodes, as shown on this site a few months ago.

Ezra Friedlander promotes classes in Vayoel Moshe and promotes Satmar in his twitter feed. And now he is posing as a big zionist? What a phony fraud!

I know you Friedlander defenders have trouble spelling, but this word is not so hard. Just five letters. Do you know how to spell F-R-A-U-D?

Ask the Copts about Anwar Sadat said...

Sadat already got a gold medal with the Nobel prize.

Friedlander is trying to make a business out of the Congressional Gold Medal. He indicates that on his website ( That is not appropriate.

Shame on Ezra Friedlander for trying to make the congressional gold medal into a business.

question said...

Why were people like Yitzhak Shamir and the Lubavitcher Rebbe against the Camp David accords?

Anonymous said...

he also started 1973 war which cost many jewish lives, but ok he did tshuva

reality check said...

"he also started 1973 war which cost many jewish lives, but ok he did tshuva"

It is questionable how much tshuvah he did. You think it is so easy to do teshuvah for the loss of thousands of lives?

Close to forty years have passed since Sadat is gone, so many people have forgotten the details about what happened then. Others were not even born then, or were very young (like Ezra himself, who was a little kid then). So Friedlander can sell them a bill of goods of how Sadat was a צדיק יסוד עולם. But we need to learn about this from people who know the real facts, not people trying to use it for personal gain like Ezra Friedlander from Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Tzippy Friedlander-- please go study history.

It is very sad that a person who calls himself a religious Jew, would ignore the fact that this Arab leader Anwar Sadat started the Yom Kippur war and launched a surprise attack on Israel. Killing how many Jewish boys? How many lost limbs?

Let me tell you:
2,656 Jewish boys and men killed.
9,000 Jewish soldiers and civilians wounded.

If you can't read, at least listen to Jewish music --
"It happened Yom Kippur as they were praying,
Trucks pulled up the sergeant was saying
A war has broke out, we need all our men
To serve L'maan Hashem..." - (Pirchei Records)

Ironically, Sadat was assassinated during a parade in Cairo in 1981 celebrating Egypt's “victory” in 1973.

Sorry but it seems the person with a hole in his heart and who needs to do serious teshuva is Ezra.

What does Mort K. think about it? said...

Maybe someone should ask Mort Klein what he thinks about this. He invited Friedlander to his dinner a few months ago.