Monday, September 18, 2017

Eida Chareidi the ones who tried serving Jews "The Treif Brakel Chicken" Call For Violent Protests Against IDF Draft

I don't see anyone working? Does anyone even have a job???
Who's supporting these guys??

Last week’s High Court decision struck down a law exempting ultra-Orthodox men engaged in religious study from military service, saying it undermined equality. The decision raises the possibility that they could be forced into service, a highly contentious proposition with political implications.
However, the court suspended its decision for one year to allow for preparations for the new arrangement — which also provides the government with the opportunity to pass a new law.
Ultra-Orthodox political parties, holding key positions in the ruling coalition, are likely to draft new legislation that could seek to override the court ruling and keep the exemption in place.
The issue is part of a decades-old debate over whether young ultra-Orthodox men studying at yeshivas should undergo compulsory military service like the rest of Israel’s Jewish population.
After reaching the age of 18, men must serve for 32 months, and women must serve for 24.
Ultra-Orthodox seminary students have been largely exempt from Israel’s military draft since then-defense minister David Ben-Gurion exempted 400 students from service in 1949 on the grounds that “their studies are their craft.” Exceptional young artists and athletes are often granted exemptions by the Defense Ministry on the grounds that two or three years of military service could hold them back dramatically.
The ultra-Orthodox oppose serving for a variety of reasons, with the most extreme believing a Jewish state is not allowed before the coming of the Messiah. Others argue that study of religious texts is just as important to Israel as military service or that ultra-Orthodox soldiers would be confronted with irreligious behavior.
The court decision drew instant condemnation from ultra-Orthodox leaders and sparked a number of protests opposing the move.
On Friday, an ultra-Orthodox IDF soldier was attacked by residents of the Beit Yisrael neighborhood in Jerusalem, and was only extracted from there after police were called to the scene.
According to the police, the soldier entered a store in the neighborhood, which is located north of the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood. A large crowd gathered by the store, yelling slogans against the soldier and against service in the IDF.

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Abe said...

If Israel is destroyed it won't be because of external enemies. Chareidi hatred will be its downfall. Ultimately, which Israeli will remain in EY? Who would permit their children to give up their lives to protect those that sit on their cowardly tuchus doing nothing while collecting social benefits from the government.
If Israel becomes a theocracy, those secular and MO army enlistees with brains will leave and the Chareidi know-nothings will be left to defend themselves. This will not turn out well for the chareidim when no one is left to pilot the jet fighters to defend the country. A disaster will ensue, but the smart ones will have abandoned the corrupt chareidi society.
When the chareidim clamor to get out as Hamas storm the borders, I'll be one of the many Jews demanding that they be refused entry into the US.