Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Man Shoots His Brothers For Informing On Him For Skipping Shul On Yom Kippur

A fascinating little snippet from the Forverts’ front page on September 26, 1923, 

Having been rebuked by his brothers for not having attended synagogue on Yom Kippur, Isaac Gordon, a young Manchester man, quickly drew his revolver and fired on his Orthodox brothers, Meyer and Binyomen. 

The first of them was wounded in the right wrist while the bullet caught the second one’s left foot. 

In court, the attacker was charged with shooting with intent to murder.


Anonymous said...

(1)He didn't shoot them for informing on him he shot them for rebuking him (muserin = giving musar not informing)The article makes that clear

(2)Wow. They really hit a raw nerve

Anonymous said...

This was 94 years ago and done by non religious Jews,but right now we have the ugly spectacle of the two Teitel-Bum gangster brothers who claim to be Rebbes with thousands of followers (ignorant brainwashed sheep) these hoodlums and gangsters are for the last 15 years busy fighting each other in secular courts
and spending tens of millions of dollars in legal expenses (of course paid by the ignorant stupid sheep),
This is the scandal and CHILLUL HASHEM that should worry and bother every frum Jew not the story that happened 94 years ago