Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amazon and Walmart slashed Hillary's Book by 40% Before Release

Two huge booksellers, Amazon and Walmart, have already cut the price of Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2016 tell-all by 40 percent -- and it isn't even available yet.
Set to be released Tuesday, both have priced "What Happened?" at $17.99.
Publisher Simon and Schuster set a price of $30.
Much of what's in her book has already been reported on, thanks to leaked copies of the Democratic presidential candidate's latest work.
The price cut, however, has likely helped to boost sales. It is No. 1 on Amazon.

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Beware of new Ezra Friedlander Group scheme said...

Ezra Friedlander is advertising a new service - The Congressional Gold Medal.

As he has made a business out of arranging luncheons on Capitol Hill for organizations who want the use the prestige of the capitol, he now wants to commercialize the Congressional Gold Medal.

Will the Congress allow such a thing to happen? Time to stand up and tell him to go back to where he came from.