Monday, September 25, 2017

Satmar Hooligans Disturb Viznitz Rosh Hashana and Shabbos Shabbos Prayers in Monsey

R' Meir Porush 
So you think that Satmar would be busy davening on Rosh Hashana, and the Shabbos after, letting  others daven peacefully.

Keep on dreaming .... you are forgetting that they are descendants of Romanian gypsies, who have an anti-Jewish agenda, and won't allow anyone live even if it means desecrating the holiest day. Shabbos crappos them its all the same.

This Rosh Hashana and the day after on Shabbos, the day after Rosh Hashana the holiest day of the year, a bunch of savages from the Satmar cult, bored with their miserable existence, burst into a Monsey Shul in the Viznitz community, and started yelling at R' Meir Porush, the Israeli Deputy Education Minister, while he was in the middle of davening  yelling that he was "destroying the Jewish people through the forced IDF draft."

The gangsters waited for the shul to be quiet during musaf and then began shouting “sheigetz” at Porush. They returned on shabbos during laining.

Some Jewish blogs called the "savages" "Sikrikim" the Israeli fanatics who throw stones on frum soldiers.......
don't you believe this for one second ....these are not "Sikrikim" these are gangsters from Satmar Institutions ...who  quote the "Va'Yoel Moshe, the Satmar Quran!

Police were summoned to the scene and they were hauled off.

The truth is that Satmar is loosing hundreds to drug addiction and suicides. Hundreds if not thousands are leaving the fold and dumping the religion on the way .....writing books and producing videos on UTube describing their experiences.

Instead of dealing with the problems in their own communities they export their anti-Israel agenda to terrorize those who won't go along with their bizarre and archaic SHIT'ah! 

The State of Israel is here to stay and all their stupid "ve'lamsheenoms" in the world will not stop the State of Israel from building and growing like no other country in the entire world.

They are upset that the viable State flies in the face of their agenda, with hundred of thousands of Boys and Yungaleit learning Torah, like no time in the entire Jewish history... people are coming back from the 4 corners of the world ..... and that is like a "Brakel" bone in their parched throats.
Happy New Year!


jancsibacsi said...

The satmerer barbarians at the gates,in yiddish we call them tzivildevete chayes.

Fred E. said...

You insult the Gypsies (Romany) people by equating them with these Szatmar thugs.

Abe said...

The mendacious history of the Satmar cult.

a yid said...

And you have the gods to talk against the satmar rabbi rab yoel shame on you should your toung be cut