Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stupid Jewish Group Gives Linda Sarsour $10K For Security

Muslim Jew Hating civil rights activist Linda Sarsour has become a lightning rod for controversy over her political advocacy work and statements about Israel and the Middle East. Because of this, she has received a hefty number of death threats and been forced to beef up on security.
So the progressive Crazy Jewish group Bend the Arc is giving Sarsour an assist, donating $10,000 raised in an online crowdfunding campaign to pay for her private security expenses.
“For years Linda has been a leading voice in our shared interfaith work of building a more just society,” CEO Stosh Cotler,the self-hating Jew, wrote in a press release. “Rather than allowing our communities to be pitted against one another, we will respond with action based in love and solidarity.”
The Anti-Semite,Sarsour was heavily criticized for past statements defending sexist aspects of Islamic law and criticizing Israel and Zionism – with far-right provocateur Pamela Geller demanding she be disinvited from speaking at a CUNY commencement ceremony.
The self-hating Jewish left has largely stuck with the openly anti-Semite Sarsour, with more than 100 community leaders signing a letter expressing their solidarity with her and condemning threats.

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Anonymous said...

They are not stupid,they are evil and their agenda is the destruction of Eretz Yisroel,and the same goes for the Satmar barbarian gangsters