Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nurse Fed Up With Chassidic Lifestyle Rants on Facebook

 A Facebook post allegedly written by a Nyack Hospital nurse at blasting Chasidic women for their lifestyle choices has sparked outrage in Rockland County’s Jewish community, many of whom patronize the nearby medical facility.
According to a News 12 report (, Deborah Rosario wrote the post on Wednesday complaining that Chasidic women stay home to raise their large families while she and others have to work two jobs to make ends meet.
“They hide behind their religion!” posted Rosario.  “I’m tired of my tax dollars paying for their 13 children!!!!  I’m working 2 jobs while these pregnant beauties are shopping at lord and Taylor!!!  When will it end?”
Rosario, who began the post on her personal Facebook page by saying that she was voicing opinions that others might be afraid to articulate, finished off with a call to action, urging Rockland County residents to “wake up.”
Yossi Gestetner, head of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council, said that he was tipped off to the post by a member of the Jewish community.

Gestetner posted the content of Rosario’s post on Twitter and was contacted a short time later by officials at the hospital who arranged a Thursday morning meeting between Gestetner, Nyack Hospital CEO Dr. Mark Geller and the hospital’s chairman of the board Richard Kohlhausen.
Gestetner said that the mere fact that the hospital arranged the high level meeting so quickly indicated the facility’s commitment to treating all patients equally and its zero tolerance policy on discrimination.
“If someone wants to be a bigot that’s life but for a registered nurse at a hospital that services Orthodox and Chasidic people to say things like that gets people unnerved,” Gestetner told VIN News.  “It is against the code of conduct for members of the medical profession to disparage anyone based on their race, ethnicity, religion and so forth.”
An official statement released by Nyack Hospital said that the facility prides itself on offering the highest level of care to every patient and is continuing an internal investigation into the incident.
“We are appalled by the Facebook post, which in no way reflects our ideas and care delivered each day,” read the statement.
Lauren Malone, director of public relations at the hospital, said that she could not comment on what kind of consequences Rosario might be facing.


Anonymous said...

The frummies think women are baby factories that's what a woman was created for. They don't need an education they are better off ignorant.

jancsibacsi said...

Why shouldnt they have 13 babbies the idiotic welfare system encourages them,and they take advantage of it this whole government is a big joke.

Anonymous said...

Had she simply wrote that she is tired of working two jobs to support those who have thirteen kids and shop in Lord and Taylor that would have been a legitimate post. Once she brought religion into it she crossed the line into bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Rosario in trouble? For speaking the truth?
Check out squaretown and there are plenty of others.

Anonymous said...

It speaks volumes of Nyack Hospital that they won't fire the nurse outright for bigotry but instead arrange a slap on the wrist sit down. And Gestetner is a nebich who is not even the right guy for the job.

Do you know about Nyack's Jewish quota for nurses? They have a few token Jew nurses so that they cannot be accused of anti-Semitism.

Do you know how they weed out the rest of the Jews from getting nurse positions there? And mind you these are educated women trying to work for a living.

First they try to figure out from resumes who the Jews are & don't call them for an interview. Then they call everyone else including the Jews who slipped through the net for an initial interview. This initial "interview" consists of dropping off an inane form where they capture all the candidates on video to be reviewed by HR. If you are visibly Jewish they don't call you back for another interview even if you have the best credentials that only 1% of nurses possess.

There is a similar problem in the Lakewood area where hospitals will not interview anyone from the 08701 zip code.

Steve Brown said...

Just because shes jealous of their looks doesnt mean she doesnt have an extremely valid point in many instances.

Anonymous said...

and yideen keep moving to Lakewood and Nyack,but not to our own country, we never learn

Anonymous said...

She has the freedom to speak whatever she wants on her personal blog. That is the freedom of speech we need to protect.

However, if you do not approve her actions, you also have the freedom to go to Good Sam, Westchester, Hackensack etc where you may feel their nurses are more inlined with your values.

Nurse me back to health said...

It's actually almost all the hospitals in the Tri-State area who have Jewish quotas on nurses. The nurses in this area are more outspokenly anti-Semitic than in the rest of the country. They nag & threaten management about Jewish nurses inconveniencing everyone else with being off Shabbos & Yomtov. This is pure discrimination under Federal law since it is not a big deal to schedule around this & the Jewish nurses make up the time.

The only hospital with no quota is Maimonides but many nurses there are anyway very hostile against Jews which makes for a very "pleasant" environment. A NY Daily News reporter even wrote a book about the very nasty anti-Semitic nurses working there. Some hospitals will tolerate one or two or a few Jewish nurses only. Other hospitals will not allow any, to paraphrase a WWII anti-Semite: "One Jew is too many". Once in a while a Jewish nurse will be able to get past all the anti-Semitic filters and get hired. Do you know what happens then? The other nurses & management make the Jewish nurse's life into a living Hell that keeps escalating with bogus trumped up charges until they fire her. One hospital in Westchester was an exception to this where the other nurses were nice & petitioned the hospital to lay off the lone Jewish nurse on staff after management tried to get rid of her.

There was an episode of The Apprentice mind you that featured a modern orthodox fellow from New Milford, NJ. Another contestant who was a fat, zhlobby & annoying guy insisted to the Donald that the frum fellow be fired as he is not a team player by putting Shabbos first. Trump blew a fuse & fired the fat zhlob instead.

Anonymous said...

As a frum jew myself,i absolutely agree with her she is absolutely 1000% right,this has nothing to do with anti-semitism but has to do with a criminally insane ignorant gypsy lifestyle where tens of thousands of jewish children are deliberately not given even a minimum secular education on top of that are encouraged to have 10-12 or more children,and as a consequence are sentenced to a life of poverty and dependent on government handouts for the rest of their miserable lives.
Isn't this a one massive CHILLUL HASHEM?
And by the way this arrogant ignorant savage called Gestetner is doing more damage than a hundred antisemites combined

Anonymous said...

For some reason Jewish doctors don't bother them.

Anonymous said...

Its true they generally don't bother doctors at private hospitals. Part of it is a perception that women are weaker & easier to pick on. They do still pick on doctors however at VA govt hospitals but they bully doctors there who are not Jewish too. Being Jewish is just extra incentive for the bullies to go after them.

Anonymous said...

The NY Post is reporting that NY / NYU / Weil / Cornell / Columbia / Presbyterian Hospital, or whatever it's called is now discriminating against Torah beliefs by giving an "end" of life "choice" of either pulling the plug or shipping the patient to Maimonides AFTER they issue a "death" certificate which means no insurance coverage for huge expenses.

Their division that does scientific data crunching has been anti-Semitic for a long time. When frum women interview there the staff are obnoxious - even when they cannot tell they are frum until the woman eventually identifies herself as an Orthodox Sabbath Observer. At that point they act shocked that an Orthodox woman would be educated, make insinuations about Chassidim being misogynistic and ask even Modern Orthodox women if they "live in Williamsburg".

Anonymous said...

How many frum Jewish girls do you know who want to be nurses or their parents letting them become one,isn't that the obvious reason there a very few Jewish nurses.
It's the same reason there are no frum men being fire fighters or policemen or garbage collectors,it has nothing to do with antisemitism or bias

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Had she simply wrote that she is tired of working two jobs to support those who have thirteen kids and shop in Lord and Taylor that would have been a legitimate post. Once she brought religion into it she crossed the line into bigotry.

June 25, 2017 at 1:10 PM
Actually it is religion or better yet their ignorant interpretation of the Jewish religion that prevents them from giving their children a minimum of secular education and on top of that forces those poor women in becoming baby machines and end up living a life of dependence on government handouts,this woman is 100% right she hit the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

Chaim, that is an ignorant comment. There are many frum nurses but after they can't get an interview, can't get a job or are fired after redifos from almost all of the metro NYC hospitals, they end up in desk jobs doing non-traditional nursing or at nursing homes, mostly heimishe ones that pay peanuts.

Anonymous said...

The fat szhlob that Trump fired had a funny incident in one of his first appearances. The group had to make a commercial for Post Cereals & excluded him from appearing on TV. He cried to Trump that they are being mean to him. Trump told him that "if I was Post I wouldn't exactly think that you're the picture of health"

Anonymous said...

I thought very frum girls were deterred from pursuing a nursing career because it might mean dealing with the male anatomy (heaven forfend!)

Anonymous said...

There are ways of getting around the tznius issues even without heterim. They can work in the maternity ward or other settings without seeing men undressed. And this is a cinch because nursing is compartmentalized into specialties.

YU - Torah Madua said...

Do you know what kind of outrage this will be if Nyack covers up for anti-Semitic nurse?

Nyack is now owned by Montefiore, a YU affiliate that was, until recently, 100% owned by YU itself!