Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SHOCKING FOOTAGE: 3 Frum Soldiers Davening In ‘Bais Yisroel Shteeblach’ Rescued By Police After Mob Attacks

When is this misery going to end?
When will real Jews beat the hell out of these "Fake Jews? 

It’s become a familiar, but despicable scene in Yerushalayim. Frum Soldiers are attacked just for being in the “Holy neighborhood of Meah Shearim / Geula”.
The latest incident happened on Wednesday evening at around 9:30PM at the Bais Yisroel Shteeblach which is frequented by thousands of people each day as Minyanim take place one after the other almost 24 hours a day.
Three Frum soldiers stopped into the Shul to Daven Maariv, and minutes after the Minyan began, a crowd gathered and began screaming at them. The crowd grew, and entered the Bais Medrash – screaming and cursing the Soldiers with the usual “Chardak”, “Nazi”, and other derogatory words used to insult Frum Soldiers.
Fearing for their lives, the soldiers phoned police who arrived minutes later to rescue them from the violent mob.
As can be expected, police were called “Shiksa”, “Nazis” etc when they entered the Shul to escort them out.
Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.
Police have not yet made any arrests.


Anonymous said...

It's the government fault. They are not protecting the soldiers enough.

Anonymous said...

Deport the FRUM fanatics to Gaza
Crazy bastards self hating Jews

Anonymous said...

cut off the water and garbage collection in meah shearim immediately

Anonymous said...

are you sure this is not Nazi Germany?

Alex S. said...

If G-d forbid a whole bunch of terrorist came in with guns and knives, I bet they would cry out to the soldiers, "Please save us."