Thursday, June 29, 2017

Iran "lover" Jerry Nadler Wants MIxed Prayers at Kotel, Jews Holiest Site

This fat nobody, Jerry "the capo" Nadler, is again stabbing the backs of Holocaust survivors that are his constituents. 
This "Murderer Loving" Congressman ignored the lives and safety of over 6 million Jews living in the State of Israel by supporting the sick Iran deal , handing over nuclear weapons to the Iran Terrorist regime.
Now, he wants to changes the Kotel status quo of having separate prayer services at the Kotel , a rule respected by the entire gentile world, except for some fat "bacon fressers" ladies that come to the Kotel on Rosh Chodash only.
The Reform movement is outraged that the Kotel is in frum hands. The Reform movement had taken the words, "Zion" and "Jerusalem" out of their prayer books, and only recently re-instated them to stop the bleeding  of their 88% assimilation rate. Who can forget when they refused to make appeals for Israel Bonds in their shuls during the 1967 war.
People should call his office and tell him to keep his fat butt out of the internal affairs of the sovereign country of Israel.
  • Phone: (202) 225-5635 

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat who represents the most heavily Jewish district in the nation, has been bombarded by angry calls over the Israeli government’s decision not to create an egalitarian prayer space at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.
“People are outraged,” Nadler said. “This is a direct declaration by the government of Israel that non-Orthodox Jews in Israel and in the United States are irrelevant. It’s a total insult to the entire community. The message is basically, ‘we don’t care about you.’”
According to Nadler, the decision is most disturbing because, “the angriest phone calls I’ve received are from the people who care most about Israel and are most involved in advocacy.”
The Western Wall issue, Nadler says, has been raised in many conversations by Jewish-American lawmakers and their Israeli counterparts.
“This is about how the Israeli government regards the majority of American Jews,” he said. “It’s hard to think of a more harmful thing they could have done.”
The damage, he warns, is real - and it could intensify worrying trends that are already visible when it comes to support for Israel among young American Jews. 


Anonymous said...

These kapos don't observe any Jewish traditions except maybe eating bagels and cream cheese. They don't attend shul. They intermarry at 80% rate. They care more about transgenders using the bathroom with little girls than they do about Judaism or Israel. They don't visit Israel. Many of them support the Arabs in their war against the Jews in Israel. Yet when it comes to the Kotel, where they already have a place set aside for egalitarian services at Robinson's Arch, they go crazy and demand more space for their non-Jewish religious services which are suddenly so important to them. They don't care about Judaism in any aspect of their lives except to make a political statement. They say they will not support Israel if they don't get their kotel space. They already don't support Israel and their kids are not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

many are pro BDS and they wouldn't dare violate custom when they would enter a mosque or church which has rules also. Nadler is lying that hes been 'bombarded' by angry callers, especially in his district where leftie Jews hardly ever go to a synagogue and don't give a damn about Israel anyway. He's getting money and guaranteed it's from J Street and the bastard chairman Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL.

Anonymous said...

Why would be surprised that a reform Jew like Kapo Nadler would support Israels deadly enemy Iran getting nuclear weapons ,after all we had a chasidic so calledRebbe Kapo Aron Teitel-bum support the exact same thing.
As far as Nadler wanting to have reform services at the Kotel at least he still has some feelings to our holiest site as opposed to the criminally insane Jew hating Satmar bastards and those two Kapo Teitel-bum Jew hating brothers who actually forbid their zombie followers
From praying or even visiting our holy Kotel Maaravi.
Compared to the evil Satmar bastards reform Jews are TZADIKIM

Anonymous said...

Everyone who wants to protect the sanctity of the Kosel, please call Jerry Nadler's office by the hundreds. I spoke earlier in the day to the guy who answered his phone at his office, and he told me that Conservatives and unaffiliated are calling his office and want egalitarian prayers. We must have our voices heard too and loud. Even if you don't live in his district, please call him,

Phone: 202-225-5635 Washingt. DC

Manhattan Office

201 Varick Street, Suite 669

New York, NY 10014

Phone: 212-367-7350

Brooklyn Office

6605 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11219

Phone: 718-373-3198

This is a well financed campaign by Reform Jews to pressure Israel and use politicians like Nadler.
It's a big sakanh because they're getting a lot of support, so everybody please please please call, it's only a phone call but the more the stronger.

Steve Brown said...

Big Sexy

Steve Brown said...

Why dont us guys have a james okeefe guy to actually go do some viral reporting??

smart ass said...

can you find his Nadler.? nadler=Mamzer. old slur dating back to the Maharal. otherwise M'tuav ..