Friday, June 9, 2017

lucky to be alive after she swallows and chokes on a metal FIDGET SPINNER part

The photo above posted on the Facebook page of the Decatur Township Fire Department in Indiana shows a fidget spinner with one of its metal bearings missing after it became lodged in the throat of a firefighter's daughter 

The X-ray image shows the girl's intestines after she swallowed the toy part

The daughter of an Indiana firefighter had to be rushed to a hospital after a piece of her fidget spinner broke off, flew into her open mouth and lodged in her throat.

The girl’s dad, who serves with the Decatur Township Fire Department, shared the family’s alarming experience on the department’s Facebook page on Thursday to warn other parents about the hidden dangers of the popular stress-relieving gizmo.
According to the post, the girl was sitting in the backseat of the man’s car and spinning the toy while talking.

Suddenly, one of the metal bearings came out of the plastic body of the fidget spinner, flew into the child's mouth and then became stuck in her throat.

I did about 5 minutes of back blows and with her coughing it became dislodged and went to her stomach,’ the firefighter wrote.

The concerned parent called 911 and had his daughter transported to a hospital, where she was treated and later released.

‘Thankfully this turned out well, but please be aware that it can be a choking hazard,’ the post concluded.

The fire department also shared a photo of the culprit - a lime-green fidget spinner with one metal bearing missing – alongside an X-ray image showing the girl’s stomach with the circular foreign object trappe inside.

This is not the first time that the addictive fad toy, heralded by some as a useful tool for people suffering from autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, has raised safety concerns for children.

In May, a piece of a fidget spinner became stuck in the throat of a 10-year-old girl from Texas.
Doctors had to perform surgery to extricate the part from the child’s esophagus.

Sold for just a couple of dollars each, the spinning top-like gadget divided into two or three branches, has proved a surprise hit this spring with children and adults alike.
However, many school districts in US have banned the entertaining gadgets after teachers complained that they were distracting to students.

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