Monday, June 19, 2017

Reuter Uses The Word "Terrorist" When It Comes To Killing Arabs Only, Will Not Use It When Arabs Murder Others

Crazy ... isn't it? .... 
Reuters has a SHIT'ah that it never uses the word "terrorist" when it comes to Arab Muslims beheading and murdering Jews and Christians ....
but today I noticed that they had no problem using the word "terrorist" when a guy drove his van into some Arabs!

I noticed something else ...usually when Arabs kill, you have to wait days to find out what the nationality of the murderer is? It takes months sometimes to find the "motive."
This morning I found out the nationality, race and his motive ...all in one full sweep within the hour.

Also when an Arab murders, the media writes "alleged" but notice in the article below...... nothing is "alleged" .... its all fact !

from Reuters (red letters by DIN)
"A van plowed into worshippers near a London mosque in the early hours of Monday, injuring 10 people, two of them seriously, in what Prime Minister Theresa May said was a sickening, terrorist attack on Muslims.
The vehicle swerved into a group of mainly North and West African people shortly after midnight as they left prayers at the Muslim Welfare House and the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, one of the biggest in Britain.
The driver, a 47-year-old white man, was grabbed at the scene by locals and pinned down until police arrived.
The man was not named by police. He was held on suspicion of attempted murder which was later extended to preparing or instigating terrorism, including murder and attempted murder.
After being seized, he said he had wanted to kill "many Muslim people," one witness told journalists.

Now read in the very same article and notice that when it comes to Arabs, Reuters omits the word "terrorists" and replaces it with the word "militants"

The latest incident took place just over two weeks after three Islamist militants drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed people at nearby restaurants and bars, killing eight..
A suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester, northern England, in May also killed 22 people, while in March, a man drove a rented car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London and stabbed a policeman to death before being shot dead. Five people were killed in that attack.

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