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Ami Attacks Rabbi Steven Pruzansky For Taking Satmar Bizarre Claim That There "Were No Miracles At the 6 Day War" To Task

Clown Yitzy Frankfurter

Every time I post about Yitzy "the clown" Frankfurter, readers ask "why do you give him any attention?"

For two reasons: One, he has quite a circulation in the Chareidie world, so it is important to be מוחה and refute his foolish and dangerous views ...... 
Two: There are a lot of Chareidim that support his point of view as crazy as it sounds..
 Finally, every time I post about Ami, I get thousands of hits coming from chareidie communities, that read my refutation .... so it seems like people want to see someone criticize and put him in his place.

In this week's "editorial" titled "Marking the 50th Anniversary of the six-day war," Frankfurter takes on Rabbi Pruzansky, the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey, who rightfully argued with the Satmar position, that "there were no miracles during the six-day-war and it that was all a natural event."

Why the Satmar Rebbe said what he said is a post in itself, but what gets me, is the out and out distortion of what the Satmar Rebbe actually said about the miracles of the six-day-war.

Frankfurter asserts that the Rebbe only dismissed the miracles "as a natural event" which is in itself very bizarre...

But the Rebbe went much much further than that, and actually said  in the 1967 Parshas Naso  Shalosh Seudois rant that the miracles came about from the  "devil" itself as he put it, ....... "the ס''מ!"
It's interesting to note that R' Pruzansky in his kindness, omitted this fact in his article.

But here is a transcribed page of the Rebbe's Parshas Naso Shaolosh Seuda rant  saying exactly that:

The Rebbe's position that the miracles of the six-day-war were from the "Samach Mem" the "devil" is bizarre on so many levels that it boggles the mind ....

 The Rebbe says on many occasions that one shouldn't ask why  six million Jews were murdered (even though he also said it was "because of the Zionists) because "it came from G-D itself, and one shouldn't dwell on Hashem's secret ways" how does it square with the notion that when it comes to murdering Jews then its G-D himself but when it comes to saving Jews, G-D sends the "devil?"

Frankfurter goes into detail, and tries unsuccessfully with the proverbial "shoe horn" to fit the Rebbe's twisted understanding of miracles, and give it some semblance of sanity.

 The Rebbe says that Hashem doesn't perform miracle for Zionists and people that are not observant... which flies in the face of stories in Tanach and how the Talmud understands miracles ...
and it flies in the face of what actually happened in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1972 and every single day in the State of Israel! 

We all know that there were open miracles right before and during the six-day-war in 1967.
Here see a fascinating video of some of the miracles

Just to give you some written examples:
Colonel Uri Banari tells his eyewitness account of the conquest of Shechem:
"At the entrance to Shechem stood thousands of Arabs who waved white handkerchiefs and clapped their hands. In our naivete, we returned greetings and smiles. We entered the town and wondered: We are advancing and there is no disorder, no panic, the local armed guards stand by with rifles in their hands keeping order, and the crowds are cheering."
"Suddenly something happened which changed the entire picture in a moment. One of our officers wanted to disarm an Arab guard. When the latter refused, our officer fired a shot in the air. At that moment, all the crowds disappeared and streets emptied out. The Arabs began sniper fire."
"I didn't comprehend what had transpired. Only later, did I understand. The residents of Shechem thought that we were the Iraqi forces who were due to arrive from the direction of Jordan. The numerous enemy tanks were situated on the west side of Shechem. They woke up to their error very late."
"The Arabs were surprised; the fear of the Jews fell upon them. In Hevron, and in Shechem, in Jenin and in Jericho the Arabs were heavily armed. There was not even one small Arab village without arms. With great haste, the Arabs, however, hid their weapons and didn't consider using them. They raised their hands up, and flew white flags of surrender from every edifice. The fear of G-d fell upon hundreds of thousands of proud Arabs, who were filled with hatred and loathing for Israel. Only yesterday, they had sworn to fight until their last drop of blood." [From HaTekufa HaGedola, Rabbi Menachem Kasher, Chap. Sichu B’chol Niflaotav, p. 452, 5761 edition]

18 Egyptians Against Two IDF Soldiers Yisrael, a cab driver who was drafted to fight in the 6-Day War as part of the paratroop unit assigned with conquering the Straits of Tiran, told the following upon his return:
“The Israeli soldiers didn’t have to parachute out of the Nord airplanes which took them to the Tiran Straits. They landed like spoiled tourists in the airport, because the Egyptian regiment which was on guard there fled before the Israeli trips were visible on the horizon. After landing, I was sent with another reserves soldier, an electrician, to patrol the area. When we had distanced ourselves two kilometers, an Egyptian half track appeared before us filled with soldiers and mounted with machine guns on every side. We had only light weapons with a few bullets that couldn’t stop the half track for a second. We couldn’t turn back, so we stood there in despair, waited for the first shot, and for lack of a better idea, aimed our guns at them.

But the shots didn’t come.

The half track came to a halt, and we decided to cautiously approach it. We found 18 armed soldiers inside sitting with guns in hand, with a petrified look on their faces. They looked at us with great fear as though begging for mercy. I shouted ‘Hands up!’ As we were marching them and I had returned to a state of calm, I asked the Egyptian sergeant next to me, ‘Tell me, why didn’t you shoot at us?’ He answered, ‘I don’t know. My arms froze – they became paralyzed. My whole body was paralyzed, and I don’t know why.’
It turned out that these soldiers didn’t know that the Straits of Tiran were already in Israeli hands; why didn’t they eliminate us? I don’t have an answer. How can one say that G-d didn’t help us.”

The Finger of G-d 
IDF Director of Operations Maj. Gen. Ezer Weizmann was asked by Mr. Levanon, the father of a fallen pilot, how he explains the fact that for 3 straight hours, Israel Air Force planes flew from one Egyptian airstrip to another destroying the enemy planes, yet the Egyptians did not radio ahead to inform their own forces of the oncoming Israeli attack?

Ezer Weizmann, later who later served as President of the State of Israel, was silent. He then lifted his head and exclaimed, "The finger of G-d."
[ibid, p. 445] 
Haaretz Newspaper’s Bottom Line Following his blow-by-blow analysis, the military correspondent for the secular Haaretz Newspaper summed up the 6-Day War with the admission: “Even a non-religious person must admit this war was fought with help from heaven.” [ibid, p. 445] 

A German Viewpoint A German journalist summarized: “Nothing like this has happened in history. A force including a 1000 tanks, hundreds of artillery cannons, many rockets and fighter jets, and a hundred thousand soldiers armed from head to toe was destroyed in two days in an area covering hundreds of kilometers filled with reinforced outposts and installations. And this victory was carried out by a force that lost many soldiers and much equipment, positions, and vehicles. No military logic or natural cause can explain this monumental occurrence.” [ibid, p. 446.]


Anonymous said...

DIN,you left out the most bizarre and obscene claim in that book called VAYOEL MOSHE,that the reason God had the Nazis gas and burn six million of our KEDOSHIM including one and a half million Jewish children was for non other than the sin of wanting to go back to our GOD promised Eretz Yisroel and establish our own country,this is the insanity this crazed yitzy (rotten) frankfurter is trying to explain away

concerned said...

It is because of this heretical SatMar claim, where Yoilish held on tight to his hate of Eretz Yisrael in the face of all evidence....that I think we should all refer to that "Movement" by the acronym of it's own name.... St. Mary= SatMar= ס"מ!!!!

Anonymous said...

1948, 1956, 1967, 1972
should be 1973

Anonymous said...

frankfurter is a buffoon, he and his publication is an embarrassment to orthodox Jews everywhere.

Thank you for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Libavitcher rebbe 1 satmar rebbe 0

The lubavitcher rebbe's foretold these miracles several days before the war it's available for all to hear and see

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the reason for the bizarre anti=Israel outlook of Satmar?

AishKodesh said...


7:48 AM, #1, thank you for being rational and not crazily anti-Satmar. But #2, perhaps the biggest reason (from the jist of what you hear or see from the Satmar Rebbes) is that they do not believe in having a Yiddishe State before the time of Moshiach Tzidkeinu (may he be sent speedily in our days).

Do I agree with all their views or actions? -- No. But, we must at least respect the fact that they are entitled to an opinion as well, and, even if they are wrong, let us not let that make a split in the Yiddishe Nation.

Hope that answers your question.

Anonymous said...

If the Lubavitcher was such a Zionist why didn't he move to Israel!