Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ami Magazine banned again in Williamsburg!

The pashkevill was originally posted all over Williamsburg in December of 2011. 
See post on December 30, 2011.
I wrote: 
"Yitzchok Frankfurter editor of Ami Magazine, the chief panderer of Satmar just got kicked in his lower posterior by Satmar."

Well, the Ami ban didn't work, because the Satmar vobelech ignored the ban and thumbed their noses at their husbands who tried getting them to read Der Goy! They told their husbands that this is  "veibereshe zachen" and they should stay out of this and  continued to buy the English Ami .... 

Der Yid, the spokes-newspaper for the Zaloinie faction of the feuding Satmar Brothers, noticed that their readership plummeted, so they added a "ladies Section" calling it  "family section" to attract the Satmar vobelech to help bolster sales and circulation ... but the bald Satmar Vobelech, wanted nothing of that yiddish gibberish....using it instead to wrap fish.

The editors of Der Goy were beside themselves with frustration, so they cried and pleaded to Hershel Klar
(the Rosh Tzoreir Ha"yehudim), of the Vaad Hatzniois, begging him to urge the Satmar "dayanim" to put the ban "laman Hashem in effect again!

So the "Daynim" said .. the hell with Yitzy Frankfurter, the clown, as much as he tries, he is still not one of us...he is just a scraggly tuches leker.......why should The Frank rake in all those $$$$$? So they banned his rag even-though Yitzy has a anti-Zionist agenda ..... because money is after all ...still money... 
they also banned the semi- pro-Zionist Mishpacha ... for good measure!
Shevuois is over and the hell with Achdus!


Anonymous said...

This NOT a new Pashkeville against Ami, Mishpacha and Bina. It is over three years old! It refers to Ami as a "new publication". Ami was founded four years ago and has become the strongest Orthodox publication since. You're right that Der Yid lost business on account of it, which angered them. But there has been no attempts to ban Ami with its pro-Satmar sympathies.

Ami laughing gas said...

"the hell with Yitzy Frankfurter, the clown, as much as he tries, he is still not one of us...he is just a scraggly tuches leker"

You really make me laugh sometimes! That line reminds me of a blogger a few years ago offering advice to Satmar consigliere Hertz Frankel. To paraphrase he said hey Hertz, stop lecking those Romanian Gypsies because they will never accept a Galitzianer like you!

Anonymous said...

Din, your cut from the same Satmar cloth as Der Goy. You can't tolerate anti-Zionists, and they despise the opposite. The same difference.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:13:

You hit the nail on the head. There's very little tolerance in the Orthodox community. This blog owner doesn't tolerate anyone who disagrees with him. It's very said that frum Jews can't be civil.

Anonymous said...

Some loony posted that pashkevil before Shavuos. So your point about achdus is off. I actually live in Willy and Ami is being sold 2 to 1 over its competition. Including Der Goy.

Anonymous said...

Mishpacha should be banned because it is too dumb for public consumption.