Thursday, May 14, 2015

Satmar Cult School teach their little squirts to hate the country that G-D gave them

This group call themselves "Bnei-Yoel" they have no Rebbe, but have their allegiance to their dead Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum z"l, the first Satmar Rebbe....
They don't follow the two present Satmar Rabbis... 

The Satmar dynasty planted seeds that are now mushrooming very rapidly into bastions of hate. In the video below one can see the brainwashed children spewing Satmar propaganda! 

Children at an Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn gathered during the week of Israeli Independence Day to express their concern over the future of American Jewry, in the face of the dangerous climate created by the State of Israel and especially its prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu. One boy gave a short speech explaining traditional Torah opposition to Zionism, and addressing current events, such as the recent anti-Semitic killings in France and Denmark and Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, and the NYC M.T.A hate Ads. 


Anonymous said...

Yes G-d gave it and also took it away from us till the coming of moshiach, and the PEGER TOMEH TH and MN ym"s and their atheistic ideology is not the geula what Jews were/are waiting for! This entire entity will disappear sooner than later and move in in the same shit-cave of all Sonei Hashem BB"A

Fred said...

Incredible to believe this goes on, and even more painful to realize these people present themselves as religious Jews.

Notice how the little schmendrick reading the poorly written "script" kept saying
"Netan- Yah- Hooey"? ASSHOLES

Anonymous said...

anon 6:04- it was a pretty well written script i thought.

Anonymous said...

This just makes me sick.

Abe said...

From big assholes, little assholes grow. Is that the product of the Satmar Chasidim cultural evolution or just the steady state of their ossified society?

Barry E said...

They would accomplish so much more in those 2 minutes and 40 seconds by saying tehillim or . . . get this . . . learning something!
2 minutes of learning is much more potent than a prepubescent teen talking about Netanyoohee.

Anonymous said...

And again you don't/won't publish comments that corner you and you're stuck and have nothing to say, but nothing's gonna help you each and every word of chazal will eventually happen, including what the zohar says in PARSHES VOEIRO that YISHMOEL WILL be THE LAST controllers of EY before Moshiach! And the way it looks like we're not too far from that day

Satmar Watch said...

5:04PM "G-d gave it and also took it away from us till the coming of moshiach"

Satmarism is an antisemitic religion utterly contrary to Judaism. You've been drinking the poisonous anti-Torah, antisemitic teachings of your Romanian mob inciters in lieu of rabbis. Read it and weep - Hashem gave Eretz Yisrael to the Jews forever.

Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Melachim, Chpt. 5:

"Halacha 9
It is forbidden to leave Eretz Yisrael for the Diaspora at all times except:

to study Torah;

to marry; or

to save one's property from the gentiles.

After accomplishing these objectives, one must return to Eretz Yisrael.

Similarly, one may leave Eretz Yisrael to conduct commercial enterprises. However, it is forbidden to leave with the intent of settling permanently in the Diaspora unless the famine in Eretz Yisrael is so severe that a dinar's worth of wheat is sold at two dinarim.

When do these conditions apply? When one possesses financial resources and food is expensive. However, if food is inexpensive, but a person cannot find financial resources or employment and has no money available, he may leave and go to any place where he can find relief.

Though it is permitted to leave Eretz Yisrael under these circumstances, it is not pious behavior. Behold, Machlon and Kilyon were two of the great men of the generation and they left Eretz Yisrael only out of great distress. Nevertheless, they were found worthy of death by God.

Halacha 10
Great sages would kiss the borders of Eretz Yisrael, kiss its stones, and roll in its dust. Similarly, Psalms 102:15 declares: 'Behold, your servants hold her stones dear and cherish her dust.'

Halacha 11
The Sages commented: 'Whoever dwells in Eretz Yisrael will have his sins forgiven as Isaiah 33:24 states: 'The inhabitant shall not say 'I am sick.' The people who dwell there shall be forgiven their sins.'

Even one who walks four cubits there will merit the world to come and one who is buried there receives atonement as if the place in which he is buried is an altar of atonement as Deuteronomy 32:43 states: 'His land will atone for His people.' In contrast, the prophet, Amos [7:17, used the expression] 'You shall die in an impure land' as a prophecy of retribution.

There is no comparison between the merit of a person who lives in Eretz Yisrael and ultimately, is buried there and one whose body is brought there after his death. Nevertheless, great Sages would bring their dead there. Take an example, from our Patriarch, Jacob, and Joseph, the righteous.

Halacha 12
At all times, a person should dwell in Eretz Yisrael even in a city whose population is primarily gentile, rather than dwell in the Diaspora, even in a city whose population is primarily Jewish.

This applies because whoever leaves Eretz Yisrael for the Diaspora is considered as if he worships idols as I Samuel 26:19 states 'They have driven me out today from dwelling in the heritage of God, saying 'Go, serve other gods.' Similarly, Ezekiel's (13:9) prophecies of retribution state: 'They shall not come to the land of Israel.'

Just as it is forbidden to leave the chosen land for the Diaspora, it is also forbidden to leave Babylon for other lands as Jeremiah 27:22 states: 'They shall be brought to Babylon and there they shall be until I take heed of them... and restore them to this place.'"

Anonymous said...

Why overwork yourself looking up all these haluchos? Just take out a chumash and learn the parsha of this week THE ENTIRE TOCHACHA AND IF YOU STILL DON'T GET IT THAN IT'S A BIG RACHMUNES ON YOU

Anonymous said...

hey din!!!!!!!!!!!

How's your reb Yossi?

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You are so fucking dumb it's pathetic>

Unknown said...

What a shame, brainwashing these children. They are being taught to believe lies. No matter what you feel about the leader of Israel you know he does not want to see Jews in the diaspora murdered. If you have to blatantly lie to prove your point you have no credibility..