Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wives of Assaulted Chareidi Soldiers: Bring Those Responsible to Justice , Video

Chassidishe Terrorist covering his ugly face
Wives of chareidi IDF soldiers have had enough of the insults and attacks, turning to Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to act to assist them and their soldier husbands. 

In their letter they call on Shaked to bring those responsible for the attacks against chareidi soldiers to justice, prompted by the attack in Meah Shearim a number of weeks ago, which seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The wives explain the sacrifice made by their husbands is a significant one, and the campaign against them has been ongoing for too long. They speak of the caricatures depicting soldiers as pigs holding guns and how those behind the chardakim campaign turn innocent frum children against them as they are portrayed as villains and people who betrayed their Yiddishkheit.

The women add that the chareidi community is a closed tzibur and permitting these people to portray them as outcasts significantly negatively impacts their lives. “Tens of families of soldiers have paid this price already” they explain in the letter to Minister Shaked.

They call on the newly-appointed senior minister to become proactive and bring the persons behind the chardakim campaign to justice.

The chareidi male arrested for the attack in Meah Shearim was arraigned on Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Sivan. He remains incarcerated at this time. The suspect insists he is not connected to the attack and that he was not there at the time. However video footage of the area shows he was there at the time, contrary to his statements. Police report the suspect has also has a record as he has been involved in violence in the past.

The video shows the suspect at the arraignment hearing as well as the officer’s vehicle following the attack in Meah Shearim.

His mother, Mrs. Yael Alon calls on Israel Police to do more to protect her son and others like him.

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