Tuesday, May 26, 2015

KJ Satmar want Israeli Zionist President to influence US to free Satmar guy sitting in US jail?

So you think you heard it all? 
Well read the following  bizarre article! These KJ guys curse the Medinah, they hate what it stands for, (which is basically giving every single Jew a right to come home) but when one of their crooks is rotting in prison, they send a message to the Israeli Gedoilim to ask Israeli President Rivlin to interfere and influence US officials to free this guy!
I'm not judging this guy, but it's interesting that KJ like the Arabs do not recognize the State of Israel, but when it comes to their own, they will ask even the Zionists to help them.... 
The Zionist did come thru during WW2, saving the late Satmar Rebbe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l from certain death! So maybe they think that the Zionists will come thru again.

 President Reuven Rivlin told a large group of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community that he has no control over a Chardi’s man’s imprisonment in a U.S. jail during a meeting at the president’s home Monday.
The leaders spoke to Rivlin about freeing Mr. Mordechai Yitzchak Samet, who was found guilty in 2002 of embezzling millions through various financial frauds, reports Haaretz (http://bit.ly/1FNfAF9). They asked Rivlin to make a plea to the U.S. to request leniency for Samet, but Rivlin said he has no control over Samet’s sentence.
Samet, who has already served almost half of his 27-year sentence, filed false death claims and gathered money for fake lotteries totaling $4 million. He lived in the ultra-Orthodox community of Kiryat Joel.
The rebbes of the Hasidic dynasties of Vizhnitz and Rachmastrivka, the head of the Lithuanian Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman of the United Torah Judaism party and other ultra-Orthodox dignitaries attended the meeting.
Information taken from Haaretz

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