Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Police arrest Heimishe Gangster who attacked IDF Soldier in Meah Shearim

A Chassisdishe Bucher is brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court after being arrested for beating up an Israeli soldier in the Ultra Orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim, May 19, 2015. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90
An 18-year-old Chasssidishe parasite's  arrest was extended Tuesday for allegedly attacking an IDF officer in the Mea She’arim neighborhood three weeks ago.
The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended his detention until Thursday, against the five-day extension the police sought, according to Channel 10 News out of Israel (http://bit.ly/1PTVhqC).
Police are still investigating the incident and searching for the other perpetrators involved in the attack.
On April 24, a large group of frum residents of the Mea She’arim neighborhood attacked the soldier – who is a platoon commander in the frum
religious battalion Givati Battalion – while he was there visiting friends serving in his unit. As he was leaving the home of one of the soldiers, he was attacked with blocks, stones and eggs, and his car was vandalized when attackers smashed the back window.
The publication of the name of the arrested man will be published May 20 after the judge rejected the request to ban the publication of his name and address.


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