Friday, January 31, 2014

Chareidi Gangsters trying to evict Chareidi Soldier from Elad because he wears the IDF uniform!

It's time to tell all Israeli Schnorrers that if their parasite counterparts in Israel don't stop harassing Chareidie solders, we will not support them financially.
I already told a Schnorrer that I will only give him a donation if he promises to  announce in his shul that "it's important  to start respecting the frum IDF. 
He answers that he does not feel that way; I grabbed the check back from him and tore it up!

And now back to the News:

An IDF soldier assigned to one of the military’s chareidi units is having a difficult time at home, in his community of Elad. 

During recent weeks he received notices insisting that he refrain from returning to and leaving from their home dressed in uniform, suggesting that he inquire with IDF officials towards permitting him to come and go in civilian clothing.

The letters however did not stop with the recommendation as Walla News adds the neighborhood committee is unwilling to tolerate this young man coming and going in uniform.

 He was instructed to leave the neighborhood within two weeks or the vaad will have to have his rental agreement invalidated and he will then have to leave Elad.

Elad City Hall officials explain they are not aware of the case and when they are informed, officials will know how to respond.

The Office of the IDF Spokesman statement reads, “The IDF denounces and condemns any attempt to harm its soldiers who work day and night in defense of the country.”

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