Monday, January 27, 2014

Netanyahu gets flack because his son is dating a Shiksa

 Following a week in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke glowingly at the World Economic Forum to Norwegian PM Erna Solberg over his 23 year-old son Yair’s relationship with a 25 yea-old Norwegian girl, the Israeli anti-assimilation group Lehava is calling on the PM to intervene and end his son’s relationship. ( is reporting that Benzi Gofshtein, CEO for Lehava—-a right-wing group whose mission statement is to prevent Jews from marrying non-Jews—-blasted Netanyahu while calling on him to intervene, saying, “Your father is turning in his grave.”
The relationship between Yair and Sandra Leikanger—-both communications majors who met at IDC—-went viral this week after Netanyahu’s comments to the Norwegian PM about how proud he is of his son.
Pictures of the couple in Norway over the summer on Leikanger’s Facebook page had to be restricted after the Norwegian press got hold of the story.
Now, Gofshtein and Lehava are calling on Netanyahu to step in, telling the PM, “Your father Benzion was a Jew and a Zionist has many rights that natural sons of Jews value. It’s hard to believe that assimilation will enter through the front door of your house. Your son’s actions and implications are far, far from both the family and national aspect. His children and your grandchildren will not be Jewish, not on the national level of the son of the Prime Minister of Israel.”
Continuing, Gofshtein said,“What kind of example is this for the son of the Prime Minister of the Jewish State—-which invests millions in preventing assimilation abroad—-to have assimilation occur in his own house? Your father is turning in his grave over his son’s actions, allowing his legacy to die out through his grandchildren because of a marriage to a non-Jew.”

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