Friday, January 17, 2014

Viznitzer Rebbe bans listening to the News even by phone?

 The Viznitzer Rebbe has banned listening to the news on phones, according to a report in the Haredi World.

The rabbi delivered his new ruling during a Tu Bishvat seuda held on Thursday. Thousands of the rabbi’s followers attended the event. Tu Bishvat is the Jewish new year for trees.

The rabbi attacked those who report the news on phone lines, and ordered his people not to call and listen to them.

"If your life and the lives of your children are dear to you, do not listen to the news,” the rabbi said.

This was not the first strict ruling issued by the Viznitz grand rabbi.

 The Viznitzer  rabbi told a group of followers that those men who wear watches, should also wear earrings because they look like women.

During a recent speech for yeshiva students, the rabbi said that his followers need to fight modernization because it destroys everything that is holy.

He told his yeshiva students to wear only old-fashioned plastic eyeglasses. He also said that he recently saw a yeshiva student wearing a watch and he told him to remove it.

"Those men who wear wristwatches should wear earrings as well because they look like women," the rabbi said.

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Anonymous said...

You always get it wrong, here in Israel there are certain 900 numbers that give the news, The Vizhnitzer rebbe told people not to listen to them because more often than not they like this blog report false information and spread Lashon Harah and Rechilus.
As for the plastic glasses this was always the rule in Vizhnitz as well as in Skver, Belz and nor Ger.
FYI regarding the wrist watches, Rav Chain Kanievsaky also ruled that it is women's jewelry, they prefer that en use pocket watches, but today , who needs a watch except onshabbos, everyone has cellphones today which have a clock in them