Monday, January 20, 2014

Chassan cuts his foot breaking a glass under the Chuppah

Its time to use light bulbs, this glass business has caused many chassanim to cut themselves, forcing guests to call Hatzalah!
All Rabbonim who are Mesader Kiddushin  should insist on a light bulb!

A groom missed part of his own wedding after cutting his foot while breaking the glass cup during the chuppah ceremony, according to a new lawsuit filed in an Israeli court.

According to the lawsuit, the wedding guests were shocked to hear people shouting "medic, medic" instead of Mazel Tov.

The groom filed his lawsuit against the owners of a wedding hall with the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court last week, after the glass of the broken cup cut through his leather shoes and slashed his foot.

Following the injury, the groom underwent medical treatment and missed several hours of his own wedding.

The groom is demanding compensation for punitive damages and emotional distress.

He is also demanding compensation because he was unable to work for several days.

"The wedding hall failed to provide a suitable glass cup for the chuppah ceremony," the lawsuit states.

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