Friday, January 31, 2014

Famous Badchan Joseph Schwartz arrested for sexually assaulting a minor!

Joseph Schwartz looking to attack garbage can
Joseph Schwartz  ( יוסף הערש שווארטץ )  of Williamsburg was arrested yesterday 1/29/2014 on charges relating to sexually assaulting a minor. יוסף שווארטץ is from Williamsburg and is a comedian by many weddings and bar mitzvahs.
There is currently an open investigation taking place. If You or someone you know were abused by Joseph Schwartz ( יוסף הערש שווארטץ )  please contact  NYPD Sex Crimes Unit at (718) -330-5600 immediately or you may contact JCW at  All names and information will be kept strictly confidential.

The story behind the story from 
Boorey Deutsch

How the Satmer Community of Monroe (Aroynem) turns AGAIN there back on victims of sexual abuse.....!!!

The victim in the Joseph Schwartz case was sent by his Yeshivah/School to see a therapist/vad of Monroe for help since he complained that he was abused by a person outside the community, which is a very big step from the School for sending him for help (but still wrong for not reporting it rightaway. But lets not go there now) the so called Vad from monroe was convinced about the allegations against Mr. schwartz and has told the now 18 year old boy that they have heard from others that Schwartz is a monster and he needs to be arrested (which is a very big step from the Vad, its called PROGRESS) finally the boy found some courage..... Lets go back a little>

The boy was only 15 years old when he was molested the first time by this monster in a Mkivah, the boy went and told the Rabbi from the Shul and others around like family & teachers in Yeshivah, and guess what they have told him??? "Go home, you are lying, stop making such story's up" and he went home and was not able to have a full night of sleep since....

Now lets go back to where we were up too.... It took about 3 years for the boy to finally break and go to the police by the push of the Vad of Monroe (dont forget its after 3 years of being pushed around and abused by the monster Schwartz over and over again and again, just because no one wanted to believe him)

Now after the arrest came to light, the same Vad, listen clearly here.... The same Vad that told him to report to the police turned against him just after the arrest.. How?? They went to the Grand Rabbi Aron Teitelbom and told him that this Bucher went to the police to report the abuse, they have called up everyone in the Yeshivah/School and told them what he has done and how horrible it is for the School and he is a Muser.

the Bucher returned to Yeshivah a few hours after the arrest and was gang approached by many in his community and school boys screaming after him Muser and that he is wrong with going to the police, he dosn't belong here and so on, the Vad has turned a laughing face right in front of him........ What is this?? U support him and encourage him to go to the police and then u turn a blind eye on him as he never spoke to u in his life??? Why?? Because you chickened out and u want to protect your name in the community??? Really???

Well i am really sorry Mr. Teitelbom from the so called Vad of Monroe, u know why?? Because the Bucher was smarter then u and recorded the conversation between u and him how u encourage him to go to the police and how u telling him that anyone that touches underage boys needs to be arrested and off the streets forever...

I will post the recording in order to be able to prove how wrong and how corrupt the community is. I hope this will break the fake game in the community.
The recordings will be posted as soon as we get em (yes i already heard the recording)

They were shacked and scared that it will come back to them so they ran and turned there back on a victim AGAIN!!!

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