Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Belzer Rebbe rules that all Belzer Ladies, have to shave their heads bald, no perfume, no makeup and no shoes that make noise?

Enough with the attractive pretty wives .....

Only baldies and dumpy women for Belz ...

Belzer Ladies  are furious after the  Belzer Rebbe  ordered them to shave their heads.

The Rebbe spoke to thousands of his female followers across the world via the Internet, and ordered them among other things to shave their heads.

“You should shave your entire head and not leave even one single strand of hair,” Rokeach thundered.

“You should not eat at a home in which the woman does not shave her head because the food is not kosher,” Rokeach added.

Rokeach also prohibited women from applying makeup.

“The only makeup that is allowed is that of a natural color, and any eye makeup is prohibited,” the rabbi said during his speech.

The rabbi said that women should not use any perfume.

Rokeach did not forget to attack women’s shoes. 

“You should not wear any shoes that make noise while walking, as noisy shoes was the reason God destroyed ancient Israel,” he said.


Anonymous said...

This time you are exaggerating,
I have the letter in front of me. What he actually did was put all the rules in writing. Belzer women have been shaving their heads for years and years as do all women from Hungarian, Galitzianer and Yerushalmer Chassidus. Only Russian Chassidus does not do this. He said that this is perferable and no hair should be sticking out of their tichel. If they need to wear a shaitel they should also wear a hat or headband on top so that it is obvious that it is a shaitel. s for the word loud regarding the shoes, he meant not noisy but loud colors that attract attention. What bothers the women is that all of a sudden clothing that was permissible for their mothers and grandmothers became forbidden, as for makeup this was always his rule, he just never was strict about it but all of this was taught in his girl's schools for years
You need to be accurate and not go overboard even though you and most others find his "takonos" ridiculous. Don't forget he is in competition with his brothers in laws the Vizhnitzer Rebbes, The satmer Aharonis and Skver as to who can be the frummest!

Anonymous said...

Is he for real? Why don't these good women, en masse, just respond with a resounding NO! Or do they like to acquiese to this type of maniacal religious dictatorship?

nothing is real on the internet said...

to Anonymous #1
you do know this is the internet and anyone can write whatever they want without worrying about anything
my advice take everything you read with a grain of salt