Thursday, January 9, 2014

Calling Police instead of Shomrim may have saved Stark's Life!

Frustrated cops said they believe they would have been able to stop the attackers before they left Brooklyn if they had been alerted earlier to Stark’s disappearance.
Stark’s brother-in-law reported him missing just before midnight to Shomrim, the neighborhood civilian patrol, after family members saw the video footage, relatives told The Post.
Shomrin did not tell the NYPD until nearly 2 a.m., when a member walked into the local precinct to file a report.
“They didn’t do Stark any favors by waiting,’’ said a law enforcement source. “I don’t know if we could have saved his life, but I will tell you that it’s unlikely that minivan would have made it out to Long Island. The weather was horrible that night. The LIE was closed. It would have been a real challenge for [the kidnappers] to get out there while we’re looking for them.’’
A Shomrim spokesman declined comment.


Anonymous said...

For most people this will be news to them. But as someone that knows a little bit about police procedure, I would like to share some with you.

When you call 911 for a missing adult with no prior history it can take up to 1 hour for a patrol car to arrive, that's normal procedure since its not a high priority call, when the officer will show up he will ask you a few questions file a report and leave.

Reason is because the have numerous calls like that, and most of the time the missing person wasn't really missing, and ends up coming home. Now if that person is not back in 24 hours only then will the NYPD start a search. I'm willing to challenge anyone that can prove me wrong on this. Any law enforcement that says otherwise is lying! Ask anyone that ever reported a missing person you will see that this is the procedure.

Now to the Stark story, I dont know when shomrim was notified and I dont know when the police were notified, what I do know is 2 things. First shomrim is not responsible to call 911 ( I'm sure they do all the time ) but lets say they do need to call, you know what thw police would do nothing!!!!! Yes I know some of you are thinking this guy writing this is out of his mind, I have news for you im not out of my mind ask anyone that knows the system and you will see its just like I said.

Now some law enforcement said to the post that if shomrim would call 911 they would stopped the kidnapping. How does someone from law enforcement even give a statement like that, are you kidding me you know damn well that if not for shomrim you wouldn't know there was an abduction till 24 hours later, instead of praising shomrim who go out in the middle of to search for cameras and thanks to them the police took this matter serious!

Lets make this clear if not for shomrim the police wouldn't do anything for 24 hours. And to that person that claims that he is law enforcement and said that its shomrims fault. All I can say to you. Shame on you!!!!! Who knows better then you that the nypd wouldn't do anything the first 24 hours. Before I finish I just feel that I need to say that our community is lucky to have a great organization like shomrim. The community can never repay you for all tbe great work that you guys do. Keep up the great work and hashem will repay you for all your good work.

Anonymous said...

u might be right in a regular case but here if you read the post correctly it says'after family members saw the video footage,;