Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sikrikim Terrorist (attackers of Jerusalem Book Store & Ice Cream Store) gets a taste of his own medicine

One of the leaders of the Frum Terrorists group called Sikrikim, Avraham Hirschman, messed with the wrong Chassidim and got beaten to a pulp.

He should stick to terrorizing  defenseless storekeepers, like the Jerusalem Book Store, and the Ice Cream Store, and break their windows in the dark of the night, instead of messing with Gerrer Chasidim! 
According to reports, a commercial vehicle packed with Gerrer Chasidim was traveling on Tzefanya Street corner of Yona Street in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood when they spotted one of the sikrikim they have been looking for in connection to the brawl which has resulted in threats against Gerrer Chassidim accompanied by derogatory comments regarding the Rebbe Shlita.
Some 20 persons got out of the truck with sticks and batons and beat Avraham Hirschman, who was standing at that location.
Hirschman is reportedly a major player among the radical Meah Shearim element known today as the ‘sikrikim’. He is believed to have been behind the violence and destruction surrounding ‘Kollel Poland’ and the ‘Batei Warsaw’ as well as the attacks against the Ohr Chaim seforim store. Most pertinent to this case, he is believed to have ordered the attack against the son of the Rebbe Shlita, a resident of Meah Shearim. That seems to have been the red line that should not have been crossed.
According to preliminary reports from the trauma unit of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, the victim arrived in serious condition with internal bleeding, fractures, and head injuries. There are no reports of any arrests in the case at the time of this report.

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