Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frum Jews destroy Ice Cream Store in Yerushalyim, because people lick the cones in public!

Yup, you read the headline right. The Rabbis all stand by and will not condemn the acts of violance perpertrated on people trying to make a living. They want to lead us but won't stand up for our rights... 
Read the following excerpts of the tragic story from Reuters
A sign at the ice cream parlour may caution men and women not to lick cones in public, but the warning didn't stop Jewish zealots vandalising the shop in Jerusalem's main ultra-Orthodox neighborhood.

Other businesses in Mea Shearim, including a book store and dress shops, have been damaged in night-time attacks by Sikrikim, a group of some 100 ultra-religious men who want one of the holy city's most tradition-bound quarters to become even more conservative.

Up the road, the Zisalek ice cream parlour has separate entrances for men and women and a sign -- posted at the request of local religious authorities -- asking them to avoid any show of immodesty by licking cones in public.
"They (the Sikrikim) had a real ball with us," said Guy Ammar, one of Zisalek's owners, describing vandalism similar to attacks against other shops in the area.
"But we were not deterred. Residents here told us not to give up and business is going well now."

Sikrikim shun the media and have made no public comment about their activities.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said an investigation was under way

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