Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Williamsburg Taliban" terrorize Shaitel Salon

Lady wearing a "spitzal"
They live in Galus, but they still believe that they own the streets. A young frum lady opened a Shaitel Salon, so that the women who wear shaitels can have a place to have their Shailtels styled and combed. In Williamsburg most women shave their heads according to the Hungarian Minhagim. This Minhag is only about 200 years old, before then it was unheard of. The women after shaving their heads put on a "Spitzal" a small rag covered by a $500.00 designer scarf. The Shaitel salon has all the windows covered and the sign above the store doesn't even read Hair Salon, it reads Cleaners .....nevertheless, the "Williamsburg Taliban" doesn't want it there, afraid that their children will rebel and refuse to shave their heads and want to wear, G-D Forbid, a Shaitel!

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