Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its only days after Yom Kippur and Seminary refuse to admit Sephardic girls

These are the schools that are supposed to educate our precious daughters in Torah and Middos. What kind of example do these schools give when they violate on a daily basis the mitzvah M"deorisah of V'ahavta Lerachu Kumoicha (Love your friend like yourself)?
Stop sending your daughters to these institutions and stop funding them, nothing good will ever come out of these schools.
Here read and weep ...
The discrimination between Sephardic and Ashkenazi students in the ultra-Orthodox public has been going on for years, reaching its peak with the Emmanuel affair, in which fathers were arrested for refusing to send their daughters to seminaries without segregation.

Throughout the years, the haredim have claimed that the segregation has to do with religious devoutness, but reality proves otherwise.
Kol Hai Radio on Sunday aired a recording of a principal of a haredi high school for girls in Beitar Illit, complaining about the number of Sephardic students he must deal with.

"Not every year (…) absolutely not. Are you aware of the amount of Sephardic girls? I can't, I just can't," the principal is heard saying.

The radio station received the recording from an Ashkenazi haredi businessman, who tried to convince the seminary principal to admit students who have yet to find a suitable school. According to the man, the girls come from devout religious homes, and their only sin is being Sephardic.

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