Monday, October 24, 2011

Shidduch Crises over in Libya, Sharia Law permits 4 brides to one man

Heaven can wait.
Victorious rebels in Libya won’t need to martyr themselves to win an adoring harem of virgins -- one of their governing council’s first orders of business yesterday was lifting restrictions on men having multiple wives.
“As an Islamic country, we adopted sharia as the principal law,” decreed Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, head of the National Transition Council. “Any law that violates sharia is null and void legally.”
The revolutionary then told thousands in Benghazi, the birthplace of the uprising that ended last week with strongman Moammar Khadafy’s death, that all men will again be free to take up to four brides without restriction.
But despite the extra earthly pleasures now afforded to men, Abdul-Jalil offered a kneeled prayer and said fallen fighters are now “somewhere better than here, with God.”
Abdul-Jalil added, in accordance with Islamic law, that bank interest will be capped.
During the Khadafy era, men needed their wives’ permission to marry another woman and banks were generally operated according to Western practices.
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