Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Rebbi Picture with a Lulav? Ivanka Trump's Husband

Ivanka Trump, a convert to Judaism, walks with her husband, Jared Kushner to shul on second day of Yom Tov Sukkus.
Jared Kushner with his wife Ivanka with Lulav
This was first reported by the daily mail
and they wrote that Jared was holding "some flowers in one hand - perhaps a gift for his wife."

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DIN: Maybe it was a gift but either way  we have a big Shailah whether she has to make a brocho. Lulav is a mitzvah sh'hazman grama, so really she would not have to make a brocho, this is actually a machlokas hapoiskim. I don't think she made a brocho, but on her hat she definitely has to make a brocho .. "sh'hecechayanu", but again, maybe she had her hat in mind when she lit candles.

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