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Monday, August 28, 2017

Benny Polatseck & Yossi Gestetner Exposed With Massive Chillul Hashem Having Ties to SOROS!

Jewish Traitors Benny Polatseck (left) Yossi Gestetner (right)

The Reagan Battalion run by Benny Polatseck has been previously tied to far left liberal PACs, Soros-funded activist groups
Reagan Battalion has gone out of their way to attack President Trump and other Pro-Trump conservatives at every turn, in a since deleted tweet, they proclaimed
 “The choice is abundantly clear! You either stand with Donald Trump & the KKK, or with the #NeverTrump movement!” 
Sounds pretty similar to what far-left political activists and NeoCons keep saying, right?
Back in February, you might also remember that The Gateway Pundit reported fairly extensively on collusion between Soros far left groups, #NeverTrumpers who paid for opposition research, and an Even McMullin campaign site.
Just last week the Reagan Battalion cheered the exit of Steve Bannon
Yesterday evening one clever YouTuber claims to have been contacted by a low-level Reagan Battalion member who has verified the ringleader of the #NeverTrumper group as  Benny Polatseck.

After this was reported to YouTuber WildGooseBWC , he decided to do some legwork of his own to check into whether the info lined up; to do this he did a comparison of Twitter accounts belonging to The Reagan Battalion, Benny Polatseck, and Colassal PR (a NeoCon strategy and design firm owned by Mr. Polatseck)… well, the results are in:

Watch the full video, where WildGooseBWC goes through all the evidence and gives you a more in-depth look at the man behind it:

See here the direct connection between the "Reagan Battalion" and the anti-Semite George Soros


Anonymous said...

Why should this surprise us that these two criminaly insane Satmar Israel hating gangsters are in collusion with the Jewish Nazi bastard Soros.
Polatzsek and Gestetner have a lot in common with that traitorous Jew hating and America hating gangster "Soros" yemach shemo
These two filthy bastards have caused more damage to the jewish people than all the antisemitic white power Nazis combined.
Word must go out, that these two filthy swines do not represent and do not speak for the orthodox jewish community.
what a gigantic CHILLUL HASHEM these two animals are causing

mmz said...

See here the direct connection???
Have you read their proof? Obama's birth certificate is more convincing

Never Trump!

Dusiznies said...

Did you read it? Mr. "Direct Connection?"
If you read it would have seen the "direct connection" .....

mmz said...

Yes, I read it

The Soros connection doesn't exist.

I never pegged you as a Alex Jones conspiracy tinfoil Hat type of guy. But, I guess I'm wrong.

Dusiznies said...

It is obvious from your comments that you are a troll for those two Mamzeirim...that for the mighty $$$$ will sell their own mothers into whoredom ..
but for the benefit to my readers ...the connection is simple
The Reagan Battalion is run by the mamzir that calls himself Benny Polatseck,
The Reagan Battalion received $$$ by an organization called "Stop Trump PAC" though the mamzir deleted that fact from his website..
A DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE with the name of Nathan Lerner is the treasurer of "Stop Trump Pac"
Nathan Lerner receives funds from an organization called the Tides Foundation. George Soros donates millions to the Tides Foundation, according to their 2015 tax returns ...

It is troublesome to say the least that the Reagan Battalion is attempting to manipulate those on the right by claiming to support “true conservatives” when in fact the Reagan Battalion itself is being operated by a leftist political operative with ties to George Soros. The Reagan Battalion should come clean to its followers and admit that it has nothing to do with promoting actual conservative issues or conservative individuals while it drags Ronald Reagan’s name through the mud. It should be a lesson to those of us on the right to become weary of groups that operate under the auspices of being “true conservatives” as the Reagan Battalion would hold Ronald Reagan himself in contempt if he were alive today. It’s past time for those of us on the right to call the Reagan Battalion out for being the frauds that they are by fighting fire with fire. We can no longer sit idly by and allow the left to try and manipulate us via these kinds of tactics.

mmz said...

It said Stop Donald Trump on the same page. It's a different PAC
There's no connection. They so desperately wanted to discredit the Reagan battalion that they concocted this connection. They can't win over their arguments with facts so they try killing the messenger.
It's pretty amazing how quickly you'd be willing to destroy a frum Jew just because a random guy says so.

If you don't like their politics, that's fine. That that doesn't make them bastards though, neither does that make them friends of George Soros.

Dusiznies said...

Yes its a different pac ....the pac that is connected to the mamzir's organization called "reagan battalion" wasn't even legal, but they managed to get funds from the left self=hating Jew Nathan Lerner, nevertheless..
The real fraud is that they are a left leaning organization but call themselves "Reagan Battalion" to fool people into thinking they are conservatives ....this is a chutzpah par excellence and that has to be exposed ...

The Kapo Ezra Friedlander is no better /// defending Jew haters just so he can get a couple of bucks... now Friedlander is trying to use Federal Funds to honor Sadat so that he can schnorr $$$ from unsuspecting naive Jews .... Sadat was a anti-Semite that would have wanted to see all Jews annihilated C"V ...the only reason he made peace was to save his own skin but misjudged and payed with his life ....
Why is a Jew honoring a Muslim? For what possible reason? The answer my friend is $$$$$$$$$$$$
Gestetner is a Jewish Sharpton ...waiting for a tragedy to exploit ....
we got his number!

mmz said...

There's nothing illegal about collecting money. If they would have spent it on a candidate without the fcc's permission, that would be illegal. Don't make things up.

Some random guy on the internet says they're the same thing, and you take his side against a frum Jew.... because you don't like the frum Jews politics. Go polish your tin foil hat

By the way, how is your beloved RCA doing? Do they still speak for you as a modern Orthodox Jew?
Ironically, the only orthodox Jewish organization not to condemn the president is the hated agguda.
I'm still trying to figure out what exactly friedlander has anything to do with these two guys. I'm sure if I smoke whatever you're smoking, it'll dawn on me.

PS, please explain to me how exactly Trump is a conservative. If you can answer coherently, we'll debate the merits of the Reagan battalion.

Dusiznies said...

You are absolutely correct that "there's nothing illegal about collecting money" but collecting money from an admitted Nazi supporter is immoral especially for a guy dressed like a religious Jew! Soros recounted his experiences during WW2 on 60 minutes, and related that he helped Nazis steal Jewish Art, money etc..

Im not taking the side of some "random guy" over a "frum Jew" I'm taking the side of the truth! This "random guy" followed the money from Polatseck and found that he takes money from a vicious self-hating Jew who is first in trying to destroy the Jewish State of Israel and doesn't hide that fact!

The RCA is not my "beloved" .... and I'm not a "modern orthodox Jew"
I didn't connect these two bastards with Friedlander ... in my comment above I put them together on the same boat that would sell their souls for the Almighty Dollar, even if it would put their own brothers and sisters in jeopardy!

Whether Trump is a conservative or not is actually irrelevant to my post ....
what is relevant is that Polatseck with "boord mit payis" founded an organization called "Reagan Battalion" to deceive the public into thinking that this organization is conservative when its entire agenda is far left and takes blood money from Soros...
may they go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Lol how many numbers end in 56? Besides Soros isn't connected with neocons! Neo cons are republicans. Do you think trump is a reptilian lizard?

Dusiznies said...

A million numbers end in 56, but what are the chances that all numbers connected with Polatseck would end in 56?
You are correct that Soros isn't connected with "neocons," but "Reagan Battalion" isn't connected with "neocons" either, and that is where the filthy rat is buried. Polatseck masqueraded his fake organization with naming it after Reagan, a conservative. The organization was set up to deceive the public into thinking its about "neocons. But what it really is .... a far leftist organization that takes money from the Jew Hater Soros.....

Anonymous said...

Why should we be surprised that these two Satmar Jew hating bastards take money from that evil Nazi monster "Soros" yemach shemo. after all didn't we find out that some of the Satmar Neturai Karta bastards in Israel were on the payroll of the bloody murderous PLO

Anonymous said...

ah, satmar, the lowest form of being dressed in jewish attire.
Lower than roaches. The scum of the earth. Followers of two of the most ignorant pieces of dog droppings.
Aish, shut up. I don't want to hear it.

AishKodesh said...

I didn't say anything -- yet. Now I will. I want you -- and others, so you do not trick others into thinking what you said is true, C"V -- to know; your comment was lower than anything you think of Satmar. Why do you use your precious gift of speech to say things like that, my friend?

Anonymous said...

August 29, 2017 at 5:37 PM---3:21 is right on and you aish are a hopeless dupe

Steve Brown said...

Cracked me up when they brought up the fact that he shows up when everything goes wrong.

Steve Brown said...


Steve Brown said...

My question is how did these 2 clown pirates get access to the web?
Think abt it.