Saturday, August 14, 2021

Viznitz Chassidim Falsify "Green Covid Passport" Get Caught and Yell "Zionist Rashuim"

 Those of who learned in  Chareidie Mosdois are not surprised by this huge Chillul Hashem, as we remember how the Yeshivos would regularly rip off the government with their false  "Lunch Programs"  the "Summer Youth Programs" and then recently when the government gave away free computers to every single child, and the "Moisdois" took millions of dollars and never bought the computers. We remember The College Programs where the "moisdois" registered  as "colleges" and then took in millions in grant money and didn't teach the required courses. etc etc.

But this latest massive fraud took things to a new level. 

The Monsey Visnitzer Rebbe's son took 21 of his Tzaddikim to the Zionist State of Israel for a visit, and instead of going thru the normal channels of getting vaccinated they forged "Vaccination Green Passports" and got caught at Ben Gurion airport. 

What is interesting is, that Israel has no requirement of being vaccinated in order to enter, if you are not vaccinated you must take a rapid covid test prior to the flight and if you test negative then you can enter Israel. There are of course other restrictions, which have nothing to do with Covid itself.

So they could have all entered Israel with this covid test but instead, feeling entitlement, and believing that Zionists are a bunch of fools they decided to try to beat the system. We who went thru the Chareidie School system are very familiar with these antics.

When they got caught, they started screaming "SHMAD" "SHMAD" which just shows that these Visnitzers are a bunch of hypocrites. We all know that Visnitz takes money from the medina, but now they are screaming that they were set up by the Zionists.

Now the leader of this gang of 22 "tzadikim" is the Vizniter Rebbe's son who will after 120 years of his father's reign, take over as rebbe.

This will be the role model of the future Visnitzer Chassidus,


lessor said...

"Midvar sheker Tirchak" has the misfortune of being only a clear d'oraysa bpashtus. If it were Stam a chumra balma with no basis, it would be scrupulously observed.

anon1m0us said...

Just an FYI, Israel is locked down and tourists cannot enter without an entry permit. I was vaccinated, and was denied entry because at this time they do not allow tourists.

Dusiznies said...

Next time read the article before commenting ... I wrote
"There are of course other restrictions,"

Viznitzer Shoiteh said...

I don't know what happened to you, but these guys did actually get in, they were fined because of the fake "passports" but they got into Israel.

anon1m0us said...

You wrote " There are of course other restrictions, which have nothing to do with Covid itself." A vaccine card is a requirement to obtain an entry permit. You also wrote " what is interesting is, that Israel has no requirement of being vaccinated in order to enter..." A negative PCR will not work. You need to show a vaccine card. Once you receive your permit only then do you need to take a PCR test 72 hours prior to take off. A PCR alone will not get you in.

anon1m0us said...

They prob listed that they are visiting a lone soldier.

But Israel is allowing people with first degree relatives in. I do not have any and was going to Israel to visit DIN since he always writes why vacation anywhere in the world that are proud of killing Jews and one should come to the holy land. I listen to him. I guess the Israeli government did not find that as a valid excuse.

Anonymous said...

Leave the Viznitzers alone.
Nice people.
No brains.
Runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

Why say that ? I am not Vishnitz nor Chasidish. I gave interacted with Chasidim from various Rebbes and found Vishnitz to be clean cut and one of their Rebbes is a walking medical encyclopedia with very close connections to Physicians. He makes medical reccomendations ( as a one man chesed operation), gets you into Doctors with long wait lists and does not collect any money for this.

Anonymous said...

Viznitz are nice people. But their rebbe Yisroel Hager in Monsey NY became a full fledged getchke (shaman) like the 2 Teitelbaum brothers and Malkiel Kotler in Lakewood NJ.

They are all employing a network of (askonim) secret police harassing everyone who think the wrong way, everyone who doesn't submit their soul to the getchke (shaman).

Asiatisher Marmorosher Ferd said...

That's not fair to lump R' Malkiel with the Teitelbums. R' Malkiel harassed one guy, Hershel H, because his brother twisted his arm to help him clobber poor Hershel.

The Bnei Brak Vizhnitzer gabbai admitted to Yisrael Hayom's Charedi columnist that they are going the Agudah shita to purposely infect everyone altz the ridiculous fantasy of herd immunity (which is too elusive with covid). Why this decision? The usual Agudah propaganda he recycled from Shmiel Kaminetzky that they don't want anyone at home going off the derech AND not giving their gelt to the Rebbe / rosh yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

These 4 unelected getchkes (Teitelbaum's, Hager, Kotler) are in charge in Orange, Rockland, Kings counties in NY and Ocean county NJ.

They are running a secret political machine and secret police with fake propaganda while raping and pillaging their voters and their neighbors.

Like Hamas in Gaza and the Ayatollahs in Iran these getchkes' secret police have fake cover stories like vaad hatznius, chaveirim, and other fake or partially fake crap.