Monday, August 23, 2021

Bochur Whose Hat was thrown off by Belz Mashigiach "Will never wear a hat again"


Last week I posted a video of a mashgiach throwing off a hat of a bochur's head. The headline of that post was "Belz Haifa Mashgiach Yitzchak Meir Prestor beats the crap out of Bachur in Yeshiva"

I got a lot of flack for the headline because people watching the clip only saw the mashgiach throwing the hat off the bochur's hat, and didn't see the "the crap". The criticism came from readers that are experts in "crap"!

And so my friends.. there is an unfortunate epilogue to this "crap" story.....

The bochur in the video did very well in Talmud Torah, did well in yeshiva ketana. He was a kid that was well liked by his friends and was planning to continue learning after his wedding etc.

But from the moment he stepped into the "ghetto" of the Belz Haifa Yeshiva Gedoilah, he started losing his desire to learn and was slowly falling into the abyss.

And from now on, says the bochur," there will be no one to throw my  hat away, I decided never to wear one again". 

He added that he was told to wear a hat for davening, for eating, when learning, when walking the streets...... and to remove his hat when entering a bathroom, to remove it when entering a mikva,

"Now the mashgiach, whose job is, to influence me in spiritual matters, took this very hat and threw it with contempt on the floor , three times...I will never wear that hat or that chassidishe jacket again, not on Shabbos and not on Yom Tov and certainly not during the week"

Just as an aside, the father of this bochur, recently died and this episode occurred just days after him getting up from Shiva. In addition before this "crap episode" the mashgiach, the cruel  Yitzchok Meir Prestor, wouldn't let the boy daven as a shliach tzibbur even though  he was in the shloishim and he should really be trying to be shliach tzibbur at every opportunity as that is a special tribute to his late father's soul, but the "holy" cruel mashgiach doesn't want the son to mourn properly and honor his father.

So now within days we have a Mashgiach of a prominent yeshiva torturing an orphan, and a Rebbe of thousands torturing a widow who is also his mother ... 

the "Sitra Achra" is batting 1000


Sam green said...

Wonderful don't blame him one bit

Professor Ryesky said...

It is my conjecture that every religiously-observant Jew who goes OTD has been invalidated by a rabbi, lied to by a rabbi, abused by a rabbi, and/or some functional equivalent thereof.

Anonymous said...


Steven said...

Nothing wonderful about any of it. There are no winners, only losers.

na said...

his last name is FERSTER not Prestor. i tought you should get the name right

Dusiznies said...

"Ferster" 'Prestor' what's a difference... an animal remains an animal
Thats how its been reported in the Hebrew press: מאיר פרסטר