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Sadugere Rebbe...the young "lemeleh" Continues to Harrass His Mother the Widow, trying to Evict Her From Her Apartment

הראיון עם הרבנית מסדיגורא על בנה הצעיר הינוקא מסדיגורא השופך את דמה

 Chabad guys are laughing their heads off. 
When the Lubavitcher Rebbe passed on, he left without ever writing a will, and the world asked.. "Why wouldn't he leave a successor?"

When R' Yoel Teitelbaum passed away, he also left this world without ever writing a will, and when they named his nephew, R' Moshe, the previous Sigeter Rebbe, as his successor.. many Satmerers including the Rebbes widow, broke away and formed their own group called "Bnei Yoel."
Chabadnickers snicker and say "Look at Sadiger and Satmar and see what happens when the rebbe does leave a will.....

 The successor of R' Yoel Teitelbaum, R' Moshe Teitelbaum did leave a will, naming his younger son R' Zalman Leib as Satmarer Rebbe... so what happened? 
The older son, R' Aron dragged his father to court to certify him as having dementia.  And when R' Moshe passed on (to meet with his uncle, R' Yoel, who didn't name him as his successor) .. his children went to war and all hell broke loose and Satmar split in three different factions...

Bobov, also split into two.... and now Ger ..
But what's interesting is,  that the Satmar's different factions will not, G-d forbid, intermarry, and the same with Bobov (there are of course some rare exceptions) ! 
Families aren't talking to each other and refuse to attend each other Simchos... just like, lehavdil, with the Trump vs the anti-Trumpers!

In Sadugere, the previous Rebbe had a bunch of children, one who is the Rav in England, another in Antwerp, and the oldest who was always by his side, during sickness and health, who built his very own kehila in Yerushalyim .....but of course all were under the Sadugere Flagship run by the father z"l the Sadugere  rebbe in Bnei Brak.
The Previous Sadugere Rebbe on a plane to get treatment surrounded by his children except of course the "lemele"

He became very sick, and was running to the US for treatment with the eldest son, (see photo) never leaving his side. 

But the Rebbe  did in fact write a will and in that will which was read during the Shiva, it was disclosed to everyone's surprise that he named his youngest, the then 21 year old 'lemele" (sheep)as Rebbe!

The young widow, (the rebbe passed away young two years ago)
The Rebbitzin, the widow on the left

 was in shock because she knew that this would tear the family apart, and so she wisely suggested that the sons continue running their Sadugere institutions and each be the leader in their own communities where they lived ... The England Rebbe remain the Rebbe in England, the Belgian Rebbe remain Rebbe in Antwerp, and the eldest one who built his kehila in Yerushalyim with blood, sweat and tears remain Rav in Yerushalyim, the youngest son the "yenika/lemele be the official Sadugerer Rebbe in Bnei Brak, where the late Sadugere lived and reigned.

But what she didn't count on was her youngest, the "yenika" (which literally means still feeding from the breast) as he is called by his followers, would have none of this, and demanded all of this, after all his father named him "Rebbe' in the will. 
And so he started legal actions in secular court to evict his own mother from her dira, and to take control of the Yerushalyim Buliding.
Interesting, in the very same will, the rebbe instructed that the dira belong to the rebbetzin ...

When the "lemele" started getting flack from other rebbes, and his own  lawyers advised  him that this would drag on for years and he might even lose the case, (since in secular court the wife gets 50% of the assets and she can live in the dira as long as she wants)...he withdrew the eviction notice, and his Yerushlayim Building claim,but not the harassment of his mother.

His diehard supporters claim that in Bais Din he would win the case hands down, since they have the will, in which he is named successor,  and in Jewish law the wife get zero. But the "lemele" must know something we don't because he refuses to go to Bais Din; and thought he had a better chance in secular court.

Just two weeks ago, the mother fearing that the "lemele" would steal her late husband's chair and desk, quietly had it removed from  her late husband's study and brought it to Yerushlayim. 
The "lemele" turned into a ferocious tiger and sent goons to break into his mother's Yerushlayim  dira to get the chair and desk back, even though the furniture belonged to his mother the widow.

And to show he means business he sent more goons to beat up his eldest brother, the bechor and the Rav of Yershalyim, but his brother picked up the ends of his kapota and ran for his dear life in the nick of time and barely escaped. This was all reported in Kikar Hashabbos and in Bechedrei Chadarim.

 A few weeks ago while the widow was visiting her son in London, the "lemele' turned tiger, stepped up his game and  had his henchmen brake into his mother's apartment to steal the Rebbes Sefarim and personal items ... and vandalized her dira, see video above

Just that you guys know, these fights didn't start with these rabbis, there was fights ..bloody fights with violence in Europe pre WW2.
Satmar fought with Spinka, don't ask me about what?  Ger fought with Alexander, Chabad actually had a civil war and split ..
Dont think that the Litvishe didn"t fight.... it was much worse in the Yeshiva world ..much worse ... 
I know that you guys think that the Netziv closed the Volozin Yeshiva because the Russian government forced all schools to teach Russian and he wouldn't allow that, he would rather close the Yeshiva... but there was  a lot more to the story as there was vicious family infighting and the Russian government insisting they teach Russian was actually a small tiny factor of why the yeshiva closed down .

Now in Ponovitz there is a bloody civil war. 
And Satmar in Bnei Brak is in midst of a civil war, within a civil war.. ...Ahronie vs Ahroine... 
When I write "Civil War" I mean violence ....

Why Chassidim in the same chassidus would favor and fight for one Rebbe over the other is beyond my understanding.

I have family that are Bobov and they took the side of R' Benzion, the 48th street rebbe, and fought for him and supported him. 
I asked one of them once, the question that Mrs. Oin, the wife of Oin ben Peles had the courage to ask "Oin Batchie" when he sided with Korach in the dispute against Moshe Rabbeinu.
"what's in it for you? what will you gain if Korach wins?" 
I asked my cousin "why are you involved in this fight? What's in it for you? 
This is all about control of millions of dollars of real estate, what will you personally gain from this"?
 And so when these rebbes and Roshei Yeshiva tell you that Moshiach isn't coming because of Lace Sheitlach, Chillul Shabbos, Gays, the Light Rail, the internet  etc ..don't believe one word....
They know what's holding up Moshiach but they also want to hold on to their fighting  and power... 



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The question I’ve been asking for a while is, what makes this lot actually believe they are the real deal compared with other modern orthodox or traditional Jews ??

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It just proves that they are all getchkes (shamans) for money, power, and znus (sexual exploitation). Nothing to do with the Torah.

Religious power is an oxymoron, a major conflict of interest.