Sunday, August 1, 2021

"Shabbas Chassan" riots in the Herbert Samuel Hotel in Yerushalyim ...Guest and Workers Fought


A riot broke out during a "Shabbas Chasan" that took place at the Herbert Samuel Hotel in Yerushalyim off Rechov Yaffa.

It seems that guests of the Chassan got into a brawl with the Arab workers who in turn started throwing chairs at the guests and at the end of the day 7  were arrested ..  some of the workers were hospitalized. 

According to the report,  guests accused the Arab workers of harassing them, it's not clear who got arrested 

Anyway .... Mazal Tov!

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Satmar Poop said...

What's the story with the Satmar thug in Monsey Yehoisheea Mandel who was the official schnorrer for the dritter Teitelboim brother, the Satmar Monsey Rebbe & is now the official schnorrer for Poop-a?

Is he the bully they say he is or is he all bark?