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Ami Magazine & Chaya Silber Spew Venom & Hate on the Jewish State


Mrs Gittel Fuchs Ruben Davidson 
The Shevois issue of Ami Magazine featured a story, written by Ami writer Chaya Silber,  a story about a Mrs. Gittel Davidson, the daughter-in-law of Madeleine Lucette Farraille, a catholic that converted to Judaism, and who subsequently married the leader of the Neturei Karta, the 71 year-old Amram Blau, who was 26 years her senior.

R' Amrom Blau and is second wife Ruth Madeleine Lucette Blau 

Mrs Davidson married "Ruth's" son, Claude, who was the only child of Ruth from a previous catholic marriage, and who also converted to Judaism and called himself "Uriel."(more on that later)

Mrs Davidson was born in Denmark, 10 months after WW2 to a Gerer family, and in this story she relates how she wound up getting to know Ruth and her subsequent marriage to Uriel.

This is where it gets interesting and crazy....



Chaya Silber begins the store by bashing the State of Israel, and the Mossad! 

She starts by discussing the kidnapping of Yossele Schumacher. a child of secular Russian immigrants, whose religious grandfather thought it would be a great idea to kidnap Yossele to make sure he is brought up in a religious home. 

To make a long story short, they got this previous catholic, now Jewish lady, Ruth Ben-David,  to spirit him out of Israel and bring him to Switzerland then to Brussels,then Paris and finally to Williamsburg.

Back to Ami Magazine writer Chaya Silber:

She writes:

"When Yossele was spirited out of the country, finding him became a top priority for the Mossad, and for the Director General Isser Harel. It was considered even more important than catching Dr. Mengele, the butcher of Auschwich. Sources claim the agency actually diverted their resources to finding Yossele and let Mengele slip out of their fingers. The saga became a power struggle between the Zionist leaders and the Chareidim, whom they mockingly called "dose." During this time, the Israeli government was also involved in the scandal with the yaldei Tehran, who they forcibly ripped from their faith, and the missing Yemenite children, who were kidnapped in broad daylight and sold to wealthy Israelis, leaving their parents to grieve. The repercussions of those crimes still leave a stain on the Israeli government"

This sneaky little pathetic introduction by the fiction writer of Ami, Chaya Silber, to this crazy story is an unmitigated lie taken right of the Satmar propaganda  newspaper, Der Sturmer, I mean Der Yid!

It is true that Harel was criticised by some of his colleagues for concentrating 40 agents on this case, but it has been proven time and again that this was not at the expense of capturing Mengele.

In fact The Mossad knew where Mengele was during the capture of Eichmann but didn't want to jeopardise the Eichmann kidnapping and so they decided to go for whom they thought was the bigger fish.. Eichmann. Once the news of the capture of Eichmann got out to the world, it wasn't politically prudent to capture Mengele even though he was in Argentina at the time; they couldn't possibly capture both, as Argentina was already very upset and angry about the Eichmann kidnapping.

It wasn't only the Mossad that was searching for Mengele so were Nazi hunters such as Simon Wiesenthal and West Germany, and they failed to capture him.

 Eichmann was captured May 11, 1960. Yossele Schumacher was found by the FBI September 1962.

All the paperwork about Yossele has been declassified and any kid who wants to do a little bit of research can see thru this vile piece disparaging the State where over 6 million Jews reside.!

But even if we should agree with the Ami Fiction writer Chaya Silber that the Mossad decided that it was more important and prudent to re-unite a child that was kidnapped with his parents... instead of getting Mengele ... what's wrong with that? 

Hey Chaya..if it were your child that was kidnapped, what would you want the Mossad to do? Capture Mengele? Or get your kidnapped child back? 

But what is really interesting ... is that both Chaya Silber and Gittel Davidson see nothing wrong with kidnapping a child ... 

The Rambam's 36th mitzvah listed in his Taryag Mitzvah count is :

"שלא לגנוב נפש מישראל" 

now this prohibition is across the board, it makes no difference if the child is secular or if he has payes growing out of his stomach. Kidnapping a Jewish child for any reason is prohibited. Kidnapping a Jew is a prohibition that doesn't require a motive, if the kidnapper is doing it "lishmah" for the purpose of making sure the child gets a religious educating, it is nonetheless prohibited. The brothers of Yosef also kidnapped him for "altruistic" reasons, and according to the Mahral we are still paying for this crime!

This prohibition is in the 10 commandments ...

לא תגנוב..... Look at Rashi: בגונב נפשות הכתוב מדבר

When the Torah writes "thou shall not steal" in the 10 commandments, it is talking about stealing people, it is not talking about stealing money... 

What is it with Chareidim that see fit to violate one of the 10 commandments when it fits neatly into their agenda? 

Practically the entire story about this "nut case"  Davidson, is praising the naive gullible "giyoiris" for stealing a Jewish child!

What's incredible is ...that Chaya Silber writes in the quote above:

"the Israeli government was also involved in the scandal with the yaldei Tehran, who they forcibly ripped from their faith, and the missing Yemenite children, who were kidnapped in broad daylight and sold to wealthy Israelis, leaving their parents to grieve."

Chaya Silber writes "yaldei Tehran" ...she doesn't have any clue to what she is blabbing about, she just repeats the anti-Zionist propaganda ... it was actually the "yaldei Teiman" 

So let me understand, it's ok for Davidson's gullible anti-Zionist, previously Catholic,  mother-in-law to steal Jewish children, "to leave their parents to grieve" but it's not ok for Zionists to do the exact same thing...

Wasn't the Torah given to all?

I'm not excusing the State of Israel, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of the charidim...

Chaya Silber writes above 

 "they forcibly ripped from their faith, and the missing Yemenite children, who were kidnapped in broad daylight and sold to wealthy Israelis"

Well not so fast, they were no "wealthy Israelis" in 1948 and during the 1950s' but there were  Heimishe people in Williamsburg who were childless ... and I know for a fact that heimishe yidden in Williamsburg  who couldn't have children bought these children ..yes "yaldie Teiman"..there were funds set up in the shuls in Williamsburg so that Chaddishe Holocaust survivors would be able to buy them!

In my class in Bobov, were two boys that were from the "yaldei Timan"who never got to know who their parents were... very sad

The reason I keep reminding you that Ruth was a Catholic, is not to chas ve'sholom embarrass a giyoris, but to give you to understand where she was coming from ....

 Part of the theology of Catholicism, is that kidnapping Jewish children is a mitzvah!  That is in fact the background of how she was brought up, in fact during her early years as a Catholic, Jewish children that were hidden in the Churches and Catholic families during WW2 were never given up, and were lost to the Jewish people forever....

The Neturei Karta knew that, so it was very easy for them  to convince Ruth that kidnapping a Jewish child was a mitzvah and a Kiddush Hashem! 

But let me not digress and let's go back to Mrs Davidson...!

Follow me a little bit longer and you will see that Mrs Davidson is a certified lunatic...

When Mrs Davidson was a 15 years old girl, she was sent to Switzerland to work as a nanny, and that's where she came across a 

"little boy with black peiyos, whom they called Menachem. I learned that he was a foster child, and that his mother, a frum woman wearing black stockings, would come visit him from time to time. Another girl staying with Posens told me that she was a righteous convert, and that her name was Ruth Ben-David. I actually never met her"

she continues:

"We would play ball with the children, and dark-eyed Menachem played along, a wistful look on his face, quiet and rather withdrawn" "I had no idea that this child was the missing Yossele, who was a being hidden by Ruth Ben-David, the woman who would later become my mother-in-law"

Davidson relates how she found out that Menachem was actually Yossele:

"On Shabbos in July, I opened a local German language paper, and read the headline "Jossele Gefuden" underneath was a photo of him with his mother and sister. Immediately my blood ran cold, as I recognised Menachem, the child with the soulful eyes whom I had met the previous summer. I was so stunned and shaken that I began to sob. I was particularly distressed that this beautiful child would now grow up irreligious"

Did you guys just read this last sentence? 

Instead of being overjoyed that a stolen kidnapped "rather withdrawn" Jewish child was safely returned to his loving Jewish mother and sister that was " forcibly ripped" from them....she "sobs" and is "distressed that this beautiful child would now grow up irreligious"? And thats after opening a German newspaper on Shabbos!

Am I living in the Twi-Light Zone? 

Are we, chareidim, so cold and callused that we don't feel the pain and suffering of a Jewish mother whose child was stolen,  because she wasn't frum?  מי שמך לאיש Who died and made you boss? Are you so sure that your own children will remain frum?

She goes on for two pages to describe how Yossele was kidnapped and describes how her future mother-in-law got involved in this great mitzvah of stealing a Jewish child from his Jewish loving mother.

I'll spare you the details and jump to her story how she met her husband.....this is important to my commentary, as this part of the story depicts Davidson's lunacy

First I have to relate how a French Catholic lady became a giyoris that married the leader of the Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta, Amram Blau, who had 10 children and was 71 years old, 26 years older then her.

Madeleine Lucette Farraille, got attracted to Yiddishkite in 1948 because she was fascinated with the founding of the Zionist State of Israel. In 1950 she underwent a Reform conversion with her son.

In 1951, the now Ruth and son, Urial, traveled from France to the Zionist State of Israel, and realized, for the first time, that the Rabbanut did not accept Reform conversions, they returned to France, and converted orthodox. She returned to Israel in 1953. Sometime later, Uriel joined the IDF like every good Zionist.

In 1963, Rav Amram Blau's wife, Hinda died, leaving him with 10 children. Rav Sokolowsky of the Mir, shadchened Ruth to Reb Amram and they agreed... on the following conditions, which she accepted...

A) she would dress with a black tichel and black shawl like the rest of the Meah Shearim women.

B) she had to renounce her Zionisim,, she did that willingly because she wasn't happy with the fact that the "Evil" Mossad had questioned her about her role in the big mitzvah that she was involved in, the kidnapping and "ripping" away a  Jewish child from his Jewish mother, Yossele....

Remember that Ruth could not get married to anyone,  there wasn't a sane frum person that would consider her, because of her entanglement in the Shumacher Kidnapping, her only hope was to marry a Neturei Karta guy even he was a alter kocker, who got her into this mess in the first place.

Cookoo Davidson hints at that ... Urial decided to get involved in getting his mother married and so he approached Rav Aharon Katzenellenbogen, leader of the Neturei Karta gang, and suggested that the recently widower R' Amrom Blau would be a good match. 

Rav K "rebuked him for his chutzpah in suggestimg a giyoris" and so Urial was hurt..."Was his mother good enough to put her life in danger to abduct Yossele, but not pure enough for marriage to a renowned rav?"

and so at the end, they married September 6, 1965 in a secret place 

 The Eida Hachareidis, was upset with R' Amram Blau because

 a) he married a former Zionist whose son was in the IDF,

 b) she was a young chickie poo and a pretty giyoris, that didn't fit with the anti-Zionist image and so they unceremoniously threw him the hell out, making him flee to exile, to Bnei Brak for a full year until the hatred died down. Among those objecting to this marriage were Rabbi Blau's own children. After a few years they quietly separated. 

In the Ami article Davidson concludes with a big lie that reflects this entire story: "Although our families are very different, we still keep in touch with Rav Amram's children and grandchildren, whom we consider our extended family" ..... Please hand me the barf bag!

One of Blau's great-grandchildren, who demanded anonymity, told Haaretz that he remembered Ben-David, his step great-grandmother, and also that he was forbidden to even talk to her: "We knew who she was, but we never went to visit her. She was denied the status of a grandmother. We all knew she had no status in our family. Period."

So Davidson  still keeps in touch with his children? What a liar!

After this episode, Reb Amrom basically faded from the Chareidie scene... but continued his anti "Chilul Shabbos" protests in the square now known as "Kikar Ha'Shabbos"... 

During this time, Davidson, became infatuated with Ruth and was dreaming of marrying into her family, even though she had no clue that Ruth even had a son...

She goes on to describe how her sister's husband R' Yitzchok Toreneim set up her shidduch!

"On the first evening of Chol Hamoed Sukkos, he went to visit Rav Amram, who was exiled after his marriage.When he told Rav Amram that he was looking for a shidduch for his sister-in-law, Rav Amram suggested Uriel, his wife's son. When he came back home he suggested the idea, and I immediately agreed. In fact, I had thought of the idea even before I knew that Ruth had a son"

the Cookoo Davidson was so infatuated with Ruth that "she thought of the idea" of marrying her potential non-existent son!

Interesting, that I got to meet and knew Ruth Blau, she used to come to Boro-Park to Shnorr, and my father z"l who would constantly bring "strays" into our home, invited her for supper. She seemed like a nice lady who spoke a very poor Yerushalmie Yiddish and that is how we communicated.... 

Ben David never apologized for the abduction of Yossele Schumacher.

So bottom line ...

Davidson herself had a brother, Simcha Bunim  who served in the IDF.

Ruth Ben-David became a convert because of her fascination with the founding of the  Zionist State of Israel.

Uriel, her son served in the IDF...

But Chaya Silber of Ami, who gets confused between her fictitious and her real life stories saw fit to bash the State of Israel. 

Instead of focusing on this story and make it interesting, the "sneak"  managed like a serpent to  spew her vicious poison on the only Jewish State in the entire world, that is the home of over 6 million Jews and is presently under attack with over 4,000 missiles thrown at her... 

Shame on her and Shame on  Ami...  

Chaya Silber reminds me of what Marc Anthony so famously said 

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, I have not come to praise Caesar"




Frum but normal said...

Shouldn't surprise us, rotten Frankfurter grew up and in his younger years was educated in that insane asylum called SATMAR.
Where his mind was poisoned with vicious and pathological hatred towards our one and only God given Eretz Yisroel

Neutral Litvak said...

DIN, you are correct that Frankfurter publishes many convoluted articles, but this one was nisht azoy geferlich.

You need to separate that there are so called Tzionim who are Chiloni reshoyim from frumma Tzionim. If not, it sounds a bit like Satmar that bottom line, all Tzionim are the same.

The Blau relatives are yesh veyesh. Some were against the shidduch to the giyoress period because some narrow minded crabby chevra were shreying against it. Some were initially against but came around when the major roshei yeshiva from Beer Yaakov vouched for the the son. Others were never against it. Guess who that includes? Do you know who is a Blau nephew? R' Moshe Tuvya Lieff.

There are secular sources by the way that swear Harel & his ilk gave up on Mengele & many others for selfish reasons.

bored stiff said...

"Chaya Silber writes "yaldei Tehran" ...she doesn't have any clue to what she is blabbing about, she just repeats the anti-Zionist propaganda ... it was actually the "yaldei Teiman" "

They are actually two different sad stories.

Old School said...

R' Amram was the last Neturei Karta leader who was lsheim Shomayim. And he may not have been your cup of tea, but he was also the last NK leader who was sane.

The crazies today are imposters who have no shaychus to the true Neturei Karta.

cyrano said...

Dear DIN,

I respect this blog in its pursuit of the truth and when it seeks to expose hypocrites. However, to paraphrase Nietzsche YM"S "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster." Sometimes in the campaign against hypocrisy, this blog will on occasion issue statements that are half-truths and even completely false.

I am older than both you and Chaya Silber and I myself have personal acquaintance with protagonists and the antagonists in this saga. I know that this is your blog and you are the final arbiter of which comments are to be published. Nonetheless, if you allow opposing viewpoints, it would only serve to serve to enhance your credibility. Through sincere "shakel v'tarye", meaningful dialogue, one may arrive at "emes", unvarnished truth.

Your article was quite extensive, but I have a completely different understanding of the facts you recount. I was present when the events you reported occurred; you were not.

First, to establish my bone fides allow me to declare that I am neither a Zionist nor an anti-Zionist, merely a Jew who loves Judaism and other Jews. To me a shining example of "Ahavas Yisroel" in our times would be Rabbi Meir Kahane, Zecher Kodosh Livrocha, with whom I had the privilege to spend an entire Shabbos when he was a guest in my brother's home, and with whom I had hours long discussions.

DIN, do you think your "Ahavas Yisroel" comes close to that of Rabbi Kahane, who gave his life for other Jews? In the course of my conversations with Rabbi Meir, I asked him for his opinion of the Neturei Karte. He declared that they are holy Jews who are following the guidance of their holy Rebbe. Although his ideology was in direct conflict with theirs , he nonetheless acknowledged the legitimacy of their position since it was based on Torah principles as much as his position was. In fact, as I discovered later, Rabbi Kahane would present himself in Meyah Sheorim every Erev Shabbos to distribute tzedakah to the poor families living there. Rabbi Kahane, despite being a fervent Zionist was nowhere as charitable to the secular government in Israel whom he opposed as being anti-Torah.

In your description of the events of the Shumacher case, you failed to mention that Yossele's parents were not merely secular; they were out and out right Communists who were quite vocal in their opposition to the State of Israel. In fact they departed Israel and established residence in the Soviet Union, then a sworn enemy of the Jewish State. They left their child with the observant grandfather. because their love for Communism exceeded their affection for their child It was only after their return to Israel three years later that they demanded the return of their child in order to raise him as a proper Communist. When the old man refused, his daughter effected his incarceration until his death in prison
In the light of these facts are we to view this as an abduction or as a rescue from child abuse? The sin of kidnapping a Jewish person is predicated on it being for the purpose of enslaving that person. Who is guilty of that sin, those who wished to continue his Torah education which is the most liberating experience or those who wished to inculcate the values of Communism, the most oppressive society ever conceived by man?

There are many inaccuracies in your presentation, but in order to do justice to this topic, It would require a full length article at least as extensive as yours.

Please note that in my comment I disagreed with your premise in respectful manner. I would hope that you show me the same courtesy.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably as old as you, so let me point out your gross inaccuracy.

1..LO TIGNOV applies to stealing (and/ or selling) a yid , and is a capital offence , meaning it carries a death sentence. My Torah doesn't differentiate between communist or capitalist parents. You don't steal children, period.

2..Not only Kahana, but most of us give tzedaka to the Meah Shearim'nicks who come 4 at a time to our shuls every morning in the US, and give tzedaka there too.

3."..Rabbi Kahane, despite being a fervent Zionist was nowhere as charitable to the secular government in Israel whom he opposed as being anti-Torah.".....
You forgot to include the religious parties who serve in this secular government , many of whom were against him and supported the decision to ban him and the Kach party.
Speaking of ahavas yisrael... This secular government supplies all the basic needs to its citizens , including neturah karta who hate it.
Speaking of ahavas yisrael...You don't call other Jews Nazis and publicly attack Israel , home of millions who learn Torah , and meet with its enemies.
Oh, and you don't steal children .... or adults.

the Derby

Anonymous said...

Re: Mengele
Opinions on Israel's reluctance to capture him are moot. Israel had no responsibility to get him or Eichmann for that matter, it was Germany's responsibility. The Eichmann capture was a chessed and Israel went lifnim mishuras hadin . When a child is kidnapped , you put all resources to find him. Period.
You worry about communist parents later.

Inmitten Derrinen

Anonymous said...

... Please, Cyrano...
It's the nerdy middle of the road and modern crowd that donates tzedaka to the Yerushalmis & Netura Karta collectors. The 'burbs is they go collecting big bucks.
Ahavas yisroel..
Cha Cha de Chazzente

Dusiznies said...

Thanks for following my blog and I hope as a good Jew you browse the ads
Having said that ...

#1) The Neturei Karta should and must be eradicated, they are worse than the Eirav Rav. The Torah actually said it best: ובערת הרע מקרבך This group has no place in Judaism

#2) As far as R' Amrom Blau is concerned, and I will address the Email that you sent to me to me as well:
The fact that R' Amrom may have been a "tzaddik" is irrelevant, as he was the founder of a movement that embraces and encourages the Iranian murderers that are directly responsible for killing innocent children, mothers and husbands. His protege Moshe Hirsch a former Lakewood Talmud, and the son-in-law of R' Aharon Katzenelbogen, Amrom's partner in crime, advised Yasser Arafat on "Jewish affairs," When this mamzer dropped dead in 2010, members of Fatah including Adnan al Husayni came to pay a shiva call to his cursed family. I also remember when his neighbours in Meah Shearim pounced on him one morning and poured acid into his evil eyes, too bad that they spared him his damned life.

You said that R Amrom loved every Jew and would invite IDF soldiers into his home on Shabbos to shmooze and offer them refreshments ... that actually reminds me of John Gotti who would provide July 4th Bar-b-q's to his Queens neighbourhood, but then would not hesitate to feed some of these neighbours to the fish in the Hudson river.
R' Amrom himself was a big "tzaddik" but refused to speak to his own brother, his own flesh and blood because R Moshe was a leader in the Agudah, and this was before the State of Israel was even established, as R' Moshe died in please spare me your accolades of R' Amrom "hachnosas orchim" of IDF soldiers.

3) How can you write about the great R Meir Kahana and praise R' Amrom?
First of all, let me clue you in, that I got to know R' Kahana in 1969 when I joined in his protest against the hanging of Iraqi Jews and then in subsequent protests against the Soviet Union.
R' Meir Kahana z"l was the quintessential Zionist and believed that the founding of the State was the
אתחלתא דגאולה and was unashamedly for annexing the entire Shomron and Judaia, He was also for shipping all Arabs that don't recognise the Zionist State of Israel to Arab countries.

I don't believe that R' Kahana " acknowledged the legitimacy of their position (Neturei Karta) since it was based on Torah principles "..... that cannot possibly true ...

First of all it's not "based on Torah principles" What "Torah principles" are you taking about? What "Torah principles" of Neturei Karta did R Meir Kahana acknowledge?"

R' Kahana was not against the establishment of the State at all, he embraced the State ...he was against the Socialist Political government, in fact he wanted to establish an extreme right political party which advocated separating Jews and Arabs ... R' Amrom on the other hand, wanted Meah Shearim to be part of Jordan, in fact prior to the 6 day war, R Amrom proposed moving to the Jordanian controlled East Jerusalem... so was that what Rabbi Kahana "acknowledged?"
In fact I hope you are sitting and not drinking something hot ...
R' Amrom's philosophical ideas were very similar to Ben Gurion and Moshe Dayan ...both Ben Gurion and R' Amrom wanted to live side by side with the Arabs ... and Moshe Dayan in 1967 handed the keys of Har Habayit to the Jordanian Waqf, exactly what R' Amrom would have done ...

Dusiznies said...

Part 2
Answer to Cyrano

Another LIE that you wrote
"When the old man (Shtrakes)refused, his daughter effected his incarceration until his death in prison"

His daughter had nothing to do with his was the Mossad that had him imprisoned, in fact in an Haaretz interview at that time, she said that she " had nothing in her heart against him" and Nachman Shtrakes did not die in prison, he was in fact at the airport with his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter greeting Yossele ...
Yossele was asked by a reporter what he felt... and "Yossele said that he was excited to be back"

4) The parents of Yossele Schumacher weren't thinking of "moving back to Russia because they were communists" They Never moved back to Russia... and you Cyrano repeat these awful lies!

What happened was when Alter & Ida Schumacher were running into financial difficulties they asked his maternal parents Nachman & Miriam Shtrakes, Breslover Chassidim, to look after Yossele. A few months later, when the financial situation improved, they asked for their child back, but the grandparents wanting to raise Yossele as a "Na Nach" refused . The Shtrakes' then fabricated a lie that that the Schumachers were planning to return to the Soviet Union to raise the boy as a communist, they did this so they would get sympathy from Chareidim. In fact the Schumachers did not move to the Soviet Union, they moved to Holon.

Dusiznies said...

Part 3
Answering to Cyrano

Another misconception that you wrote is:
"The sin of kidnapping a Jewish person is predicated on it being for the purpose of enslaving that person."
That is blatantly false

Kidnapping a Jewish person to sell him brings the death penalty ...
Kidnapping a Jewish Person to enslave him brings the death penalty..
Kidnapping a Jewish Person but not selling him or enslaving him will not bring the death penalty but is a grave sin nevertheless. According to the Rambam this carries the death penalty as well
אחד הגונב את הגדול או הגונב את הקטן בן יומו שכלו לו חדשיו, בין זכר בין נקבה, בין שהיה הגונב איש או אשה .. הרי אלו נהרגין
(רמב"ם הלכות גנבה פרק ט' )

And Finally, You say that Rabbi Kahana
"acknowledged the legitimacy of their position since it was based on Torah principles "

that's interesting, since the Satmar Rebbe himself in his sefer Va'yoel Moshe was against this group,the Neturei Karta, as he was against protesting against Israel, if Arabs attended or participated in any way"..
so even-though I hold him responsible for any actions of Neturei Karta, since they by-in-large studied in Satmar Moisdois and picked up their hatred against Israel from these anti-Zionist Institutions, the Satmar Rebbe himself adamantly opposed the entire Neturei Karta movement..and it is in his writings ...

So your convoluted logic is that Rabbi Meir Kahana "acknowledged the legitimacy" but that Satmar Rebbe did not!

You can twist this story any way you like, the fact is that a grandfather not only refused to hand his grandchild back to his loving family but had him kidnapped by a former Christian whose theology was that it is a mitzvah to steal Jewish children, and therefore it was easy even after her conversion to convince her that kidnapping a Jewish child is a mitzvah..

Except for some crazed Eida Hachreidie Rabbis (who later turned on R' Amrom and banished him)and Neture Karta Rabbis all Gedoilim were against this kidnapping, in fact even the Satmar Rebbe was against it ... and they therefore had to find a Breslov Family like the Gertners to hide him in their home in Williamsburg. The Gertners themselves weren't aware of who he was.

Anonymous said...

What's most interesting is the irony or hypocrisy in the chareidi mindset:

1) Catholics kidnapping children, or taking in Jewish children but not returning them after WW2 bc they want to save/protect their souls = BAD.

2) Zionists kidnapping Yemenite children for "the better interest of the child", so they will benefit from being in a better financial situation and free from religious dogma = BAD

3) BUT Kidnapping a young child from his parents bc he will be raised by secular Jews in order to save/protect his soul = GOOD and PRAISEWORTHY.

Note should have been made Yossele Shumacher eventually returned to visit the Gertner family as an adult. It was an awkward reunion. They probably wanted it more than he did, with Mrs. Gertner last memory of him being torn from her apron. He said he remembered being treated well, but he clearly had no desire to be orthodox. He had not become a drug addict/dealer and been in prison, as so many told the tale to spite the Zionists.

Lesson to learn: Children belong with their biological parents that G-d placed them with. Don't meddle in private family matters. Live a praiseworthy religious life, and when the child grows up, he can decide he wants in... just as Ruth Ben-David and her son Uriel did.

Anonymous said...

And then there was Shai Fima who was kidnapped by the lunatic Shlomo Helbrans, and once again "do-gooders" wanting to save the child's soul from the secular Israeli mother...