Thursday, May 27, 2021

Why Has Belz Suddenly Come Out With a Ban on Going Up to Har Habayit?


Notice the photo I put up of Yerushalyim showing the Belz Bais Ha'medrish as the tallest building .... 

What's pshat? 

In Belz, it seems that there is no yearning for the Bais Hamikdash, as they have established their own "Bais Ha'Mikdash" near Sanhedria. 

Driving down the streets of Sanhedria Mirchevet, one glances up to the huge mountain and one can see the gigantic beautiful edifice known as the Belzer Beit Ha"Medrish. Truly a sight to behold and it mamash takes your breath away seeing it for the first time, and it does add to the Jerusalem skyline!
 Right now it seats 7,000 comfortable, and the Aron Hakodesh is in the Guinness World Records, at 12 meters high, weighing 18 tons and holds 70 sifrei Torah. 9 chandeliers each standing at 18 feet and 11 feet wide, contain over 200,000 pieces Czech crystals apiece.

They don't need a Bais Ha'mikdash ....

So why the new Fatwa against going up on the Har Habyit?

Why would Belz get involved in a Dati Leumi issue?

Aren't the guys going up to the Har Habayit, Dati Leumi and Yeshivishe guys who could care less what Belz has to say?

 Answer:That's why you have to come to DIN, because I give you the news that's behind the news!

One of the leaders and advocates of going up to the Har Habyit, is non other than a top Belzer Chasid, and every 3rd of the Chodash he goes up with hundreds of Belzer Chassidim .....

 Now that the Arabs went wild about Jews desecrating their "makom kadosh" and succeeded to stop jews from going up to the Har Habyit for the last few weeks, a renewed determination by the pro Har Habayters has begun with special efforts in explaining their viewpoints (Hasbara) and that "hasbara" is a direct threat to Belz .....
because its not only the Dati Leumi guys that are going up, but Belzer Chassidim themselves, those who are nauseated by the Belzer Bais Ha'Medrash, and so they have now become bold showing their Belzer community what every Jew ought to know ... 
that there is only one Bais Ha'Mikdash, and that Bais Ha'mikdash will not be in Kiryat Belz but  on the Har Habayit!  

Belz had no choice but to come out with the Fatwa, hoping that it would stop the rebellion...and help keep the Har Habayit in the hands of the goyim..




Anonymous said...

most gedolim including Rav Elyashiv , R Shteinman and more held its assur.
Better safe than sorry.
Not worth the risk of getting kares.

na said...

i am a belzer and i never heard of ANY belzer group going on the Har habyis. can you give us more details? names? otherwise i think this claim is innacurate

Dingus said...

One word. Tendler.

Dusiznies said...

You are a liar ... or you are not a Belzer ... the story is 100% accurate ...
more details?
You can see for yourself ... go up to the entrance leading to Har Habyit 7:30 am every 3trd or 4th of the Chodash depending if its not Shabbos and you will see him
How do I know? I join him myself, that's how I know .. in fact we all went up yesterday because we couldn't go this month ...he was there with at least 200 Belzers and they had to go in 2 shifts ...
If you are a real Belzer you would know his name ... ....
Real Belzers doesn't read blogs

Mine Shtetele Belz said...

From your skepticism one could tell that you don't live in Israel and you don't have a clue as to the dynamics and nuances of the internal conflicts amongst the different chareidie groups.
DIN is spot on here and I am not a fan of DIN at all.

In Israel, when a "kol koreh" comes out, it's important to scrutinise a) Who issued it? b) to whom did it address? c) and finally the context of the announcement.

If you enlarge this "kol korah" issued by the Belz Bais Din Tzedek, you will notice that it was issued in 2014,

What happened in Israel in 2014 that the Bais Din decided to issue this "cheirim" of going up to the Har Habayis? Actually nothing in the Chareidie world but a lot in Belz......

You see you have to look at this in context of not only Belz but the surrounding Chassidic groups. Not one Chassidic Rebbe came out publicly to tell the world not to go up to the Har Habyit, maybe to their own kehilah but not to the world .... you know why? because no one except for that particular chassidic group cares what that rebbe has to say. This is the way it works in Israel. So to carry on this logic, when the Bais Din Tzedek of Belz comes out with a statement, no matter what, no one cares, no one except Belz.

In 2014 a very well respected Belzer Chusid had a recurring dream about the previous Belzer Rebbe, who told him that Hashem is very upset because Belz in particular has abandoned the idea of re-building the Bais Ha'Mikdash, and therefore it's important to reclaim the Har Habyit. He had this dream for the very first time on the 4th of Cheshven, 2014 and since then he has made it his business to go up on the 3rd or 4th of every single month.When this dream came to light this particular chusid only had a few followers but he was important fellow in the Belzer Community and so the Bais Din of Belz came out in 2014 with this prohibition to stop this in its tracks as it was affecting the Belzer community.

What happened recently is, that this Belzer Chusid, a known kabbalist, who has amassed hundreds if not thousands of followers, with Belzers now going up by the hundreds. In fact those of us that go to the Kotel 2 to 3 times a week, really thought that the Belzer Rebbe permitted this and that Belz as a group were the only chassidus to allow going up to the Har Habayit, we didn't know about the 2014 edict of the Belzer Bais Din, because who reads their stuff if you are not a Belzer.

So this past week when the Har Ha'bayit reopened and this Belzer went up not on his usual day, the Bais Din Tzedek had no choice but re- publicise their 2014 as DIN calls it their Fatwa!

I doubt you are a Belzer, if you did ,you would have known this. You are probably a Modern guy with a nice "chup", if you are not balding by now, and I'm imagining your father, clean shaven wearing a a regular suit with a gartel , so now you are a Belzer.