Saturday, May 29, 2021

Former ADL head Abraham Foxman cancels NY Times subscription After Recent Blood Libel

Former longtime head of the ADL Abraham Foxman has cancelled his New York Timessubscription after a lifetime of reading the newspaper, which has been accused in the last few weeks of exceedingly one-sided coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“I am cancelling my subscription to NYTimes,” Foxman, who is 81, tweeted. “I grew up in America on the NYT- I delivered the NYT to my classmates- I learned civics- democracy and all the news ‘fit to print’ for 65 years but no more. Today’s blood libel of Israel and the Jewish people on the front page is enough.”

Foxman was the national director of the ADL from 1987 to 2015.

His tweet was followed by a tweet from Batya Ungar-Sargon, the deputy opinion editor of Newsweek, who said “me too.”

While there were the usual comments defending the New York Times and its coverage of the conflict, as well as those all too common on social media attacking Israel and spewing anti-Semitism, many Jews and non-Jews chimed in to also speak about how they too have cancelled their New York Times subscriptions.

“I too grew up w NYT, subscribed throughout college and after college. Canceled subscription a few years ago given their completely false reporting on the middle east [and other false reporting]. NYT no longer a source of news and facts,” tweeted Faw.

“I just cancelled my subscription too! After 40 years as a subscriber. I just couldn’t take their blatantly negative & biased coverage of Israel anymore,” wrote Lauri Baber.

There were also criticisms of Foxman for waiting so long to cancel the Times, which has been criticized for its anti-Israel coverage for years.

“Dov Hikind stopped reading them years ago. if it took you this long to wake up (you're) not a leader of anything,” tweeted NYCPHOTOG.

Still others criticized Foxman for his lifelong readership of the newspaper to begin with.

“With all due respect, why did it take you 65 years to come to this ‘realization’ when all you had to do is go back and look at how the NYT covered the Holocaust,” tweeted Follow The Money.



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Oh the Hypocrisy! said...

Foxman was the biggest enabler of Obama because Obama paid him millions of dollars for all his shilling.

Foxman took money to put the Arab terrorist "refugees" imported by Obama in cities with large Yiddishe population.

Foxman is father in law of a Platinum ponzi scheme co-conspirator that defrauded many Yidden & tzedoka orgs.