Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Trump Kills "Ezra Friedlander's" Iran Deal

Guys, remember when the Kapo Ezra Friedlander tried to convince his own brothers and sisters that Nadler's vote for the murderous Iran Deal was a good thing?
Remember when the Satmar Rebbe, R' Aron Teitelbaum of Monroe sent letters to US congressmen that they "stab Israel" and vote for the Iran Deal which basically gave Iran nuclear capabilities to destroy C"V, Israel?
Well, Trump, a goy, destroyed the deal, shutting up these Jewish Reshaim!
A US president is pushing back on Iran’s dangerous and growing power.
President Trump’s decision Tuesday to withdraw from Team Obama’s badly flawed Iran deal and reimpose sanctions sends a clear message to the mullahs: The jig’s up.
As Trump noted, the accord left Iran free to develop nukes within a decade, even as Washington unfroze billions in Iranian assets and lifted sanctions that had left the regime gasping. And it let Tehran keep developing ever-more-deadly and longer-range missiles.
More, it encouraged Iran’s inflaming of conflicts across the region and expanding its influence at the expense of US allies.
Now US sanctions will return in coming months, leaving companies in Europe and elsewhere with the choice of doing business with Iran or the United States. Other measures against the country’s Central Bank will make it tough to do business even with companies that are still willing.
And sanctions related to insurance will make it far harder to ship Iranian oil — Tehran’s chief source of foreign money.
This, when the regime already faces mass protests over the fact that it devoted the cash freed up by the deal not to domestic needs but to its military and its foreign adventurism. With its currency already collapsing, can it risk fresh confrontation?
Indeed, while Tehran talked tough in the runup to Trump’s announcement, its immediate reaction was not to restart its programs or turn inspectors away, but to seek talks with Europe, Russia and China about preserving the deal.
French President Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, called for negotiations to strengthen the deal enough to bring the United States back in — by addressing all the flaws Trump has flagged.
This, when the Obama crew had insisted this was the best accord anyone could get — though it denied inspectors full access to Iran’s military sites and, again, left it free to openly resume its nuke work in a few years.
Far better to wipe the slate clean now, and begin working to stop Iran before it grows stronger.
“America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail,” said Trump. Hear, hear.
But now he’ll need to follow up — not just with restored sanctions, but with a full-court press to roll back Iran’s march of evil.

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