Thursday, May 10, 2018

In 1335, 1,200 Jews of Toledo, Spain, were massacred during a Christian and Moslem mob attack on the Jewish section

On This Day In History 25 Iyar, in 1335, 

613 Years Before the Zionist State Was Established, Moslems massacred 1,200 Jews in Spain.

The Fraudulent fake history, that Satmar promulgates, is that Jews lived in peace with Arabs before the State was established.

These lies were written by the founder of Satmar, R' Yoel Teitelbaum in his book "Al Hagilah."

This is just one example of the outright lies and the re-writing of History that the Romanian Gypsies keep reporting who believe the rants of the Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels, who famously said that "if you repeat a lie over and over it will eventually become the truth."



Ari said...

see this link:

Anonymous said...

You disgusting ignorant עם הארץ
Do you understand what the גזירת הגלות was for? And why we got it? And what punishments it includes?
You're a scumdog אפיקורס
ארור יולדתך

Abe said...

Anonymous 12:17 AM,

And we should believe your senseless feeble-mindedness because.....?

Anonymous said...

All the crazed frummies know is to curse. As in the previous post.
Sick bastards! The truth hurts, no one in the last few generations has spewed so much hatred toward other Jews.
satmar is an incurable cancer.
May they and all of Jewish haters ROT IN HELL FOR ETRNITY

Anonymous said...


You rattled the Satmar scumbag with the truth. Someone told the truth about the Avoidah Zorah he performs. He'll have to say a few more 'Hail Arons' tonight before bed.

Good Job!!!!

Satmar Watch said...

Incredibly ignorant Satmar Jew-haters claim that Islam is close to Judaism!

In fact Islam is a false religion and enemy of Judaism that denies that the Torah possessed by the Jews today was ever given at Har-Sinai!

See where the Satmar Romanian Jew-haters give praise to the Jew-hating Islamic Quran on Facebook!

"the Qur'an says much of the same things that is in the Talmud. The commonality between Jews and Muslims is much more closer than any other Two Religions."
( Satmar Hasidism Facebook page from Oct. 3, 2010 )