Friday, May 18, 2018

Posters in Monsey Compare New Square to Gaza

The administration of New Square have decided that it is a bad idea for Skverer children to find out that there are Frum Jews in Monsey that are not Skverer Chassidim, so they came up with a bizarre but dangerous scheme to buy up property all around New Square so that other Frum Jews wouldn't G-D forbid move near their town, who are exposing their little sheep to Satmar, Belz, Viznitz and other non-Skver Frum Jews!

I know this sounds crazy .... but it isn't only crazy it's dangerous, because they are renting out these one family houses to Latino families. 

These Latinos are by in large illegal emigrants with criminal backgrounds who move in with many of their criminal cronies, causing  entire neighborhoods around New Square to be crime infested.
These Latinos are also by nature transient, so they never establish families with roots in the community. 

Just two years ago, two Satmar Families that I personally know, managed to buy houses within walking distance to New Square. New Square bullies bought houses on both sides of these houses, filled them up with criminals whose teenage daughters paraded around on Shabbos with skimpy outfits, making life miserable to these Satmar families who were trying to bring up children in a country atmosphere, out of the city, only to be bombarded with these degenerates.

What the above poster is pointing out is that New Square Chassidim by in large live in poverty, and yet the administrators manage to find huge amounts of money just to make their Chassidishe neighbors who are not Skverer Chassidim, miserable!


Anonymous said...

Never thought you would take Satmar's side on anything lol

Fred said...

You ask the million dollar question- both Satmar and New Square are poverty stricken, at least according to the statistics- they have the highest percentages of people on public assistance in the country. Regardless of their destitution, they still have very large families (I'm sure the tax-paying non-Jews love this).

Where and how do they get the funds to buy land, build hundreds of houses, and basically take over acres and acres of land? Does money grow on trees in Monroe and New Square?

yomtov said...

its not "by in large" and claiming Hispanics are criminals is just silly. oh and its not "emigrants"